Do you guys remember when we had Richardson Farms?
Goodness Gracious. I do too.
I miss the ladies of the farm. I miss our veggies. That was a huge part of life satisfaction for me that I not only momentarily gave up when we moved home from Denver, but also when I stopped working from home.

But that momentary lapse of time is now over. Dead and goooooone y'all. 
And this time, Richardson farms is going to be bigger and better than ever.
Not really bigger in size, but in heart. And livestock population.

So are you ready to hear the plan?
OOOOO good I am so glad you said that. 
Because I sketched it out for you.


Q.  My dear Maddie... Why do you want to invest in having goats and chickens, when eggs and milk are relatively inexpensive items to buy at the market?
A. Short answer... I am terrified of hormones. I am pretty sure that everything gives me cancer. I love to do as much as I can to know that I have done as much as I can to keep myself and my family healthy. Also, the process of taking care of farm animals and keeping a garden alive are really rewarding to me. It just feels like how it should be.

Q. Does your drawing above suggest that chickens and goats can roam together? 
A. Oh. My. Gosh. I am so glad you noticed! That is right, my friends. They can! How freakin' cute are these little animals going to be?! Jumping off of each other. High fiving. Cuddling. Coming up with dance routines. I can't wait!

Q. Rooftop garden you say? Please explain!
A. Well... The goal is to hopefully (still working out details) create the animals' shelter to be sturdy enough, well placed enough, and sheltered from the animals enough, that we can actually create raised beds ON TOP of the shelter, vs taking up more space in the yard to do so. Here's hoping! 

Q. You are going to build your husband a shed/man cave? That's nice of you!
A. The shed already exists my friends. Happy Birthday Burley.

Q. When are you guys going to start building out?
A. ASAP. We have a lot of projects going on inside the house right now, but we have a potential couple of Nigerian Dwarf kids, headed to our yard in late August (that's right... BABY GOATS!!! AAAAH!!!). Therefore, we would need to have the shelter and pen all ready to go by the end of next month. Here's to making miracles happen!! And if anyone deserves a miracle... It's baby goats.

GREAT questions today, guys! I am so impressed with your eloquence and depth. I hope I answered you well. Stay tuned for more tales from the resurgence of Richardson Farms. 



Wow - Today, I read the most beautiful, heart wrenching, honest, and oh-my-heavens-oh-so-true article. Man. I just can't get over it. It so perfectly and poetically voiced the exact thoughts I have had a zillion times, as I think about what it looks like to have a growing family. What the details... The day to day will be. What it could be. What I want it to be. Even before this whole baby condition happened to me... They were there. These thoughts... "Why don't we do it like that anymore?"

I have never really been one to just see how it is done and do it that way. I like to think that the steps I have taken thus far in my life have been... not profoundly unique... and not outrageously off the grid... But just "off" enough that I can trust it's not the "norm" that lead me here, but Something bigger, and Someone wiser. I'd like to hope that even if all the fish are swimming downstream, I'm the kind of fish that can handle picking up my fins, grabbing my guppies, and walking right on out of that river and over to a different stream.

All of this explode my next. big. thought... What does it look like to have children and raise a family today? In this world? In this time? In this city? For this not profoundly unique but kind of "off" fish?

My mom set such an equally poetic and eloquent example of raising children her own way, and I wonder, do I have the courage to do the same? Could I?

I adore how Bunmi so powerfully puts it...

"I miss the village I never had. The one with mothers doing the washing side by side, clucking and laughing hysterically, tired in body but quick in spirit. We'd know each other so well: annoying one other from time to time, but never staying mad long because the truth is, we need each other... I miss that village of mothers that I've never had. The one we traded for homes that, despite being a stone's throw, feel miles apart from each other. The one we traded for locked front doors, blinking devices and afternoons alone on the floor playing one-on-one with our little ones."

No wonder we are all so terrified of having children. The unknown. The "giving up" of our only familiarity. Because we no longer live in villages. We are in our own parts of town, where families don't go. We are in our own evening church services, so late that the children can't stay awake for them. We are in our own bars and restaurants, where smoking is still allowed, so the babies aren't. We are in small groups, designated for the single, the child-less, the "young." We only see a piece of the puzzle. We have forfeited the gift of the big picture. We have torn down the village, and built subdivisions.

What happened to the village?

When did it happen?

Is it possible to get there again?

Well. I have to tell you. I believe with every inch of my heart that the answer is yes. And for me, I think it is my only hope. My only option. When I think on the next few years of my life... Nothing really makes sense. Nothing seems even close to possible. But, with a village? Yes. I think I can. Maybe we can?

So here's to not knowing what that looks like... How to get there... Or where to start...

... But I think that after our next door neighbors picked my husband up off the side of the road with a flat tire today, and they borrowed cheese from us for dinner yesterday, and I am daily eating tomato sandwiches from which half the ingredients are from their garden...

... And BJ and her daughter down the street invited me to join their evening walks around the park later this week because "that's what pregnant ladies gotta do. They just gotta walk and walk and keep walkin', ya know?"

... And my dear friend and neighbor down the block is about to come over and bring me stuffed zucchini for dinner, after which we will eat my home made butter pecan ice cream that just finished setting in the freezer...

I may not have too far to go to start building.



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Burley and I have been playing sofa roulette for years now. During our 5 moves in 4 years we have 1) Ruined a couch with spilled balsamic vinegar while in the moving van (we literally thought all of Kansas smelled like vinegar, until we realized it was our poor couch gettting ruined) 2) Gave a couch away because though it looked REALLY retro, it also still had retro cigarette butts that showed up every now and then from the 70s... I couldn't handle it 3) Gave another couch away because we got it for free and used it for a year and then it was REALLY one of those "we got this for free" couches

And there are more stories where all of those come from.

But after this move, we decided to invest in something that will last us a bit longer. Not forever. But longer. So I have been on the hunt.

I am not really a "get a neutral sofa that will match anything and everything" kind of sofa buyer... as you can probably tell. But these were a few of my favorites that I found while search with strict orders to stay under $800. That may seem like a chunk of cash, but in sofa world, it surprisingly doesn't get you that far.

So, what are your thoughts friends? Any favorites?



Sources: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

Well now that my huge secret is out... I feel like I can get back to life as normal.
Normal being my new house filled with boxes (half as many as there originally were, thank you very much) and me being across the country in Vegas for a week, dreaming of the fun DIY projects my husband is surely doing while I'm out of town, right? Of course.

I have gone as far as to pick out some paint samples for a few of the spaces in this new home, so I can sit with them and feel out which ones will fit the best. Mint, white, coral, and light grays included... O boy!

I am in love with our new space because there are lots and lots of windows, paneling in some of the main living spaces, high ceilings, multiple fire places (including in our bedroom... score!) and a butlers pantry in our laundry room. Shwing!

So much potential... so little time.

I am excited to move right along with making our new home feel bright, cheery, colorful, sassy, lived in and most of all, us. If I could put the style I am anticipating into words it would be like...

Anthropologie and West Elm sat down for a happy hour, with a delicious whiskey cocktail, in front of a big bright window, on a bearskin rug, listening to Johnny Cash, drinking out of copper vessels. 

Damn. That felt good to sum it up like that.

So get excited. On the way we have a man cave shed re-do, a laundry room makeover, a living room + dining room overhaul, and eventually a nursery! Oy.

Better get back to pinning...


We Got Lucky

Want to know the real reason that Burley and I made the plunge to move our 5th time in 4 years?
And why I have been sleeping 22 hours per day and giving you radio silence on this blog for the past 2 months?
And why my love for the cutest blogs such as Aubrey Kinch Blog and Maiedae have now become not only crushes but necessities?
And why January 2015 is going to radically change our lives forever?

Yup. You guessed it. We are expecting to introduce a little baby Richardson into the world!!
I am weeping just typing that. Still doesn't quite feel real. Or possible. Or like I am old enough to say something so serious... such as "We created human life."

After we decided to let Jesus take the wheel (and a lot of other parts) when it came to the constant question of "should we have a baby now?" he decided to go ahead and move on that REAL quick. We were surprised. They weren't lying in health class! Sex really does get you pregnant when you don't prevent it from happening. What a miracle.

We don't take it lightly. I know there are so many women who struggle in this area and it takes a long time, or doesn't happen at all, so for this huge blessing we feel.... well... beyond blessed. We don't call it a happy circumstance or just human bodies being human bodies. We know that this was God's confirmation of our trust in him. We know that this is going to be the weirdest, hardest, cutest, most challenging gift we have ever asked for.

We don't feel prepared. We don't feel smart enough. Rich enough. Old enough. We sure as hell aren't wise enough... But I know in the areas that we will fall short, the village around us, and the God that brought us all together will close the gap. Like He has and always will.

So there you have it friends. The big news.

I haven't felt sick really, but just beyond exhausted all of the time.
I am feeling much more awake and alert as I head into my 14th week (thank goodness).
I can't wait to share this journey with you as my heart and body grow and explode.