The Office - It's Coming!

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Get excited.
There is an office space re-do abrewin' at the Richardson household... and it's going to be phenomenal.
I am currently on a legitimate shoestring budget, so this project is proving to be really fun and I am having to be extremely resourceful. But it's always more fun that way, right?

The paint is on the walls, I am sourcing some of the things I will need to create the feelings above. I am really excited with some of the amazing things I have found for SUPER cheap, and some of things I am making because they just aren't super cheap.

Stay tuned friends. I have a feeling that a new space is just what the doctor ordered.


Free Desktop Downloads: From Some Friends

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Happy Saturday, friends! Why don't you grab a cup of coffee and help yourself to one of these beautiful tech downloads, from some talented ladies around the interwebs.

I love to browse through blogs (the new and the beloved) on a Saturday morning and see what the world has been up to while I ignored it during the week.

So, here are a few pieces of work from some ladies that I stumbled upon today. 

Enjoy your weekend!

Don't Ask Pinterest How to Decorate Easter Eggs

Last week, I had the pleasure and the honor of hanging out with this little friend of mine. 
I haven't decorated Easter Eggs in... Well... A really long time, and I was SO EXCITED to have (we will call her LF) LF around to get me back in the game. She gave me an excuse to not only re-live this childhood favorite tradition of mine, but also, enjoy watching her enjoy the colors, smells, and joy that I remember too. 

If you haven't had a chance to do this yet this season, I highly suggest it. But here is my advice.


Seriously. Here is the thing. I love Pinterest just as much as the next girl, blogger, social media fanatic. Actually, maybe even more than the next girl. But, I had a realization as I was looking for ideas and recipes to make egg dye at home. During that search, I saw probably 1000 ways to make your easter eggs look as perfect and trendy as you possibly can.

So I thought to myself.... Wait. Come again? And then my thought process ensued...

So, are you making these eggs with your children? 
Does this mean you dictate how they color eggs, telling them that their "ombre" isn't quit ombre enough or that their "silk dye effect" isn't quite silky enough?
Or that they can pick ANY COLOR THEY WANT but you only allow the colors mint and coral on the table?
Or does this mean that you are decorating eggs by yourself, and putting them in bowls on the table and telling everyone not to touch them because they are beautiful and only for looking?

I am seriously saying this out of complete wonder and love, because either case to me is so different from my experience of what messy, ugly, family coming together, egg dying looked like to me growing up. 

So, I will say this. LF and I had the best time of my life (I hope she can say the same). We went to Target and picked out 2 boxes of run-of-the-mill egg dye. The final product she created was definitely beautiful, and I may have teared up once or twice as she placed them in the drying rack.

But more than that, I can't remember the last time I felt so much joy watching someone discover the beauty in the happenstance of art and creating. LF was genuinely surprised at the gorgeous outcome of some of her work, and it was the biggest blessing to be able to affirm... "You did that! It's perfect! I have seriously never loved an egg any more than this egg!" And I wasn't lying.

They were messy. Some were cracked. They weren't coordinating. They didn't look like a lovely little collection that could fit into a Kinfolk double-page spread. They were unique. They were surprising. They were the work of a true artist. And we wrapped each one up, sent them home with her, and she got to eat them afterwards.

So use Pinterest to find amazing ideas for your wedding, and a cool DIY for your living room, and the perfect cocktail recipe for your party on Friday night, but don't use it for egg dying. Please. Let the surprise of mixing color, creativity, exploration, curiosity, and time well spent be what it is.

And then let them be eaten.

April Sunshine Brings More Fun Time

This is literally the coolest blog post title I could think of at this point in time. 
I don't know what that says about me.
As a blogger, or even really just as a person.

But nonetheless, it really does convey exactly how I have been feeling about the simply amazing Atlanta, GA weather that has been creeping in this past week.

I have been driving with my windows down.
Listening to a book on tape that my mom sent me.
Taking my shoes off when I am in the car (does anyone else do this automatically when not wearing boots?)
And soaking in the sunshine on my very tan left arm as it dangles out the window.

We also recently installed a state of the art fire pit in the backyard (8 cinder blocks strewn together in 5 minutes by our friend while I made dinner).
And I have big plans of growing a few tomato and jalapeno plants on our back porch, which I am thinking might happen this weekend.

In addition to all this great news, I also cleaned out our "storage room" that has been stuffed full of crap since the day we moved in here, and I plan on making it an office (turned guest room) in the near future. 

Altogether, it was an immensely fruitful weekend (including a 4.5 mile hike with my hubby and my dog) turned fruitful start to the week (including a lot of fun creative brainstorming at the office) over in these parts of the woods.

Ah. It feels good to list out my blessings. I should do this more often.

How are you guys? Are you feeling the joy and energy that comes along with the first glimpses of summer sun? If not, let me know, and I'll quit rubbing it in.

But in the meantime... Burley is leaving town this weekend (sad face) for my little brothers' bachelor party (happy face) and I have a long list of projects that I am going to get done (really happy face) and then share with you (my happy just up and jumped off my face it was so happy).

- Make 3 new light summer cocktails (SUPER excited about this one)
- Make 3 light summer meals
- Plant vegetables (mentioned earlier) and stage on back porch in our new hangout nook
- Create said hangout nook
- Paint Office? We shall see...
- Take photos of all of it

Do you think I can do it? We shall see.

But for now, it's mid-week, and I hope you are all having a productive one!




Today, I will reach 1,000 followers on Instagram. To me, This is really cool. REALLY COOL.
I don't know what has brought you all to my little neck of the Instagram woods, but I would like to say a big thank you for stopping by! To show my thanks, I am including some links to a few things I love and also a fun playlist that I have been listening to NON-STOP. Enjoy :)

Instagram has quickly become my absolute favorite form of micro blogging, and to know that people out there actually like 

Though it may not be the truest depiction of life, it is kind of nice to have a curation of the good things. The beautiful things. The good hair days. The healthy food. The expensive cocktails. The fun evenings. I mean, who the heck would that NOT sound nice to?

So thank you guys for engaging with me on Instagram. It is really fun to share that little world with now, 1000 of you.

If you are an avid Instagramer, leave your handle in the comments below! I would love to check out your feed and say hello!

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