BUMP THINGS: 19 Weeks and Ready for Fall

And baby R has decided to show his or her sweet little self.
I think I am about 19 weeks right now (I am starting to get really confused about that whole "weeks" situation... Ill confirm exactly where I am at my next appt... for all of our sakes), and the bump has come out to play!

I have found it REALLY hard not to just online shop until I absolutely drop (lots of bones) on maternity clothes. I mean... I don't want to be that girl who just wears pjs for months because nothing else fits... But I am also saving up for some pretty big life changes, you know?

So my game plan thus far has been to REALLY think and decide what my style is going to be for the duration of this baby journey, and beyond... Because Lord knows these hips weren't made for snapping back to a tiny lovely frame post-birth. 

I love to wear oversized sweaters/cardigans/shalls (good for pregnancy? check!), me and leggings get along really well (good for pregnancy? check!), and a well-fitted tank pretty much wraps it all up in a nice little bow (good for pregnancy? check!)... So there you have it. 

As the summer turns to fall (HAAAAALELUJAH!) I plan on wearing this uniform pretty much every day (you are welcome, co-workers). And I haven't had to invest much in this style so far, since it is all really flexible. I think I am just down to needing a few legit prego tank tops and tshirts (you know, the ones with the ever-so-fashionable rusching on the sides?), and am going to invest in some legit maternity leggings... And I believe I will be good to go!

Are you amazed at how much time and thought I have put into this wardrobe idea? Yea... I know... it's kind of ridiculous... But at the same time, I would much rather put thought into it now, and be comfortable for the next 4-5 months, then to wing it and be a miserable cry baby when I have nothing to wear.

... But that's never happened before.

So, without further ado... I introduce... My bump uniform.

Sweater - Forever21 (similar here) // Tank Top - Target (similar here) // Leggings - Spanks // 
Boots - Tahari // Jewel Necklace - (Similar here) // Coral Stone Ring - Forever21


Living Room Progress

I am whole heartedly loving getting settled into this new home.
And besides that one time that I pushed myself to exhaustion by painting my living room in one day, after a long work trip with minimal sleep (with the help of a dear friend of course), I have done an OK job at pacing myself and allowing time for quality nesting vs quick fixes.

Over the past few weeks, the living room has come together quite a bit. It is obviously a work in progress... I am still on the hunt for some beautiful art for the walls and extra storage solutions for when we have baby things everywhere (what?!)... But as for now, Burley and I feel super comfortable curling up on this BEAUTIFUL couch, putting our feet up on this BEAUTIFUL ottoman, and watching TV in our tiny little living room nook.

After much debate, we finally decided on this apartment sized white leather sectional sofa. There are a few places you can find it online. When all was said and done, the sofa and ottoman together were about $650... Can you argue with that? Now, some may rightfully say that white is gutsy (and by some I mean my aunt via Instagram, which made me laugh really hard)... And it is. But here was our thought process...

In realizing that our lives will not just be the two of us for very much longer, we needed to get a couch that would easily clean, but would also offer a good lounging space. It also needed to fit in a small space (when I just typed that I originally wrote "small face" haha), and not feel bulky. To us, that either meant that we would get a sleek mid-century modern type sofa with a busy pattern, which would disguise stains, or a gorgeous white leather sofa, which would allow us to clean stains easily. When all was said and done, this couch had the right price tag, and we really REALLY wanted the benefits of the chaise lounge.

Bonus points? When pushed into the little nook of the couch, the ottoman creates a large bed effect with the couch... Which my mother-in-law has already given the two thumbs up!

So I feel like we really maximized our space and money with this find.

Other than the fresh coat of white paint on the walls, I haven't purchased anything new for this space... I have simply just moved into it. The Ikea shelves on the wall have followed me through our last two houses without every getting used, so you can bet your bottom dollar I squealed like a pig in mud when they had a perfect home and function on either side of the fire place.

In conclusions, my dear friends, there is still so much potential in this space, but for now, it feels like us, it feels like home, it feels lived in... and that is a victory to me.

FIND THESE ITEMS NOW (some affiliate links):
White bonded leather sofa sectional (with ottoman) - Amazon
- Retro orange lounge chairs - Yardsale
Black and White arrowhead Rug - Target last year (only able to find it on Ebay now)
- Gold Leaf Print "Mon Cheri" - c/o Luciana M


Our Adventures: New York State of Mind

And... She's back folks.

After an amazing weekend with the ever-amazing Richardson ladies (my super sweet and fun in-laws), I scooted up to New York for a few days for work with some other fabulous ladies/co-workers. Both were whirlwind times, but so much fun!

I didn't have a camera charger for the weekend festivities (boo, me), but you will just have to trust me that I got to have some quality one-on-one time with my sisters and mother-in-law, they got to meet the bump, we shared lots of cheese and pj time... It was very very good for the soul to see their joyful faces.

Sunday morning, I headed out bright and early to head to the NY NOW show in NYC. Traveling with friends that you just happen to work with is seriously no shabby way to spend your time. We arrived with a pretty open day on Sunday, so we got to experience Time Square, walked about 8 thousand miles, met a friend for a delicious lunch at the deliciously Peruvian Pio Pio in Hell's Kitchen, shared a cupcake and champagne at Sweet Revenge in the West Village, and had a BRIGHT and hilarious indian meal at Panna II in the East Village. All in all, we knocked day one out of the park.

Monday we got to work and walked the inspiring aisles of the NY NOW market, where we got to check out what other companies like us are doing in the industry. We also got to stop in on a few favorites that you will definitely know, like Rifle Paper Co., Ban.Do, and Tatly. Well, I guess we never really made it to Tatly, but we were there in spirit. The displays were beautiful, the branding was delicious, and I came back really inspired (for lack of ANY other word that conveys inspiration) at the talent that we saw. 
Later that day we galavanted around Central Park for after sipping coffee at Fika, followed by a seriously banging dinner at The Cannibal

Tuesday, we again worked during the day, ate a light and delicious lunch at GoodRestaurant, checked out of our hotel and flew home.

And now... You guessed it... I am curled up on my couch with my sweatpants, husband, Pirate Macey, and my computer, enjoying every second of it.

I hope if you are headed to NY for a short trip, you check out some of these fun spots! And seriously... If nothing else... Go to Panna II. Trust me.



So here we are at 17 weeks. That still sounds like nothing at all to me, but it's over 4 months. Which now makes me glance at my stack of baby books and long list of baby names and unpainted baby room and think... "You, my friend, are not prepared in the slightest, for what's to come"

But alas. Let's get back to things that matter.

The baby is healthy. We saw him/her move in our ultrasound last week. He/she has a perfectly forming skull and spine. Praise the Lord. He is good.

Things that I expected to happen are happening:
1. My belly is growing. It's really crazy and fun because it changes every day. I feel pretty in awe of that part of things. It just knows what to do and keeps on doing it. I'm officially in maternity pants and am thoroughly enjoying the forgiving nature of these magica pant creations.

2. I am in love with carbs. They are the only thing that sit perfectly well with me all the time, and that always look enticing to eat. I am working on balancing this out, but man. Carbs are sure delicious. Especially in the form of Ezekiel bread toasted with peanut butter, Annie's mac and cheese, and whole wheat pasta with anything on it, as long as it includes sauce and parmesan cheese.

3. Nesting... Ah nesting. It's hard to say whether it is pregnancy, or if it is just the fact that we are in a new home, but man am I have been experiencing a full on nesting attack. It's a pretty lethal combination for anyone who knows anything about me. I am a home maker through and through, so with a baby on the way, and extra room in this home we plan to be in for a minute, I am making plans and putting them into action rather quickly... Or as quick as my wallet will let me. Burley is pretty annoyed impressed when he comes home after 1 bar shift and I have already painted the room that I was discussing the possibility of painting before he left for work.

Things that I didn't expect to happen are happening:
1. There is pretty much constant pressure everywhere in my mid-section. I guess this makes sense when you think about your body stretching and expanding by the minute... But I never really thought about the daily "feeling" of being pregnant. It's a constant reminder to eat well and pray for the little nugget.

2. My husband has been cooking a lot and feeding me all the time. If I had known this was a part of being pregnant, I would have done it a long time ago.

3. I have found that in a time that I anticipated being full of fear, anxiety, and anticipation of what's to come, I am actually more laid back than my usual self. Burley and I are experiencing so much joy and humor and rejuvination in our relationship... I think this is probably what they call the "calm before the storm," but I will take it!

Overall, I am really enjoying being pregnant thus far. There is a lot of joy surrounding even the most mundane of days. Always something/someone to look forward to and anticipate. A real gift.

And now... To the mandolin.

My 2nd trimester has also made me buzz with excitement of new things and "just going for it."
Queue last week's goat plans.

So... I bought a mandolin.
I have been wanting one for years, and though the next season of my life won't have hours and hours of practice time built in, I think that it is good to keep my mind expanding and experiencing newness.

I have been learning a few chords, and singing a long.
It was the best money I have spent in a long time.

What are you up to these days? Have you discovered any new talents/skills/hobbies that you want to look into? Any interest in goats or another fun home addition? I would love to hear about it! I need more ideas... :)


Our Adventures: South of Nashville Getaway

This past weekend, Burley and I took a long weekend in a little town south of Nashville, to visit my brother, sister in love, and favorite oldest niece. With our opposite schedules, Burley man and I often go 3-4 days in a row without getting to see each other outside of a 2am hello and goodnight kiss, so we decided that some time to recharge was needed, and that the best place to do that is with family. So we headed to Tennessee.

The weekend with this clan was mind blowingly relaxing. I wore a bra once, and that was only to leave the house to go get Sonic Blasts. I didn't pack my makeup case. I started a new book. I got to cuddle with my niece every morning. I got to snuggle her to sleep while watching TV. My sister taught me how to throw a ceramic pot in her garage studio. We played countless hours of cards. We indulged in the most delicious pizza delivery of my life. We watched old movies. All in all... I don't know if it gets any better.

On the way home, I got to think and pray through a lot of questions and unrestful worries that I realized I had been carrying without even knowing it. I got to re-align my heart with things that matter. I listened to talk radio as the sun went down over the Tennessee mountains and thanked Jesus for the massive and invaluable gift that is a family that loves and grounds each other. I got to sit with the growing life inside of me and wonder what it will be like to create a family unit like the one I know and hold so close. The drive was perfection.

The weekend was balm to my busy soul.

Here is a very small snapshot into our time together. My camera has been broken for about 2 months now, and I actually fixed it myself while in Tennessee (that is a whole other long story that I definitely need to share with you soon). So, I was excited to exercise my photog muscles after a long hiatus... But still chose laughing, talking, and cuddling as my first priorities. A few of these shots were captured by my brother and Burley as well. A family affair. Enjoy, friends!