The 2014 Maiedae Mixer - Recap

Has another week and weekend already gone by?
Holy smokes! But where did it go?

It feels like just yesterday I was partying away at the Maiedae Mixer... and now it is already more than a WEEK AWAY.

Time... What are you doing to me?

Without further ado... I wanted to share some of these gorgeous images and vignettes from last week's party. I am still playing catch up trying to follow-up with all of the beautiful and fun ladies that I met at the event... It's so easy to remember a face and not a blog name/URL haha... So if we haven't caught up since last Saturday... I am coming for ya! Don't you worry.
This year's Maiedae Mixer was held at Ambient Studios, an event venue right near my house actually, which was really hand for my "I'm running about 20 minutes late" self... Which I was. 

When I recap the stunning business card roundup I collected this night, as well as the ballin' swag bag, I will be sure to link up to all of the amazing vendors and ladies that I met throughout the night, but for now, just enjoy all this eye candy.


Life Lately

Life is good. I can't believe the week of weather we are having here in Atlanta.
It makes any day the absolute best in the world.

Last weekend, when the good weather hit, my brother was in town visiting and we got to drink coffee and chat on the porch for hours... A couple other sibling popped in on Saturday morning to join in on the fun, and all was really right in the world.

I am finally getting to use the sunroof in our Subaru, and glory glory it is a game changer.
In the morning with my coffee while the sun has yet to rise, or in the afternoon with the fall sun shining down onto my stuffed computer bag after a long day of work.... The sun roof... The slightly chilled air... It's all very intoxicating.

Burley's fall school schedule leaves him home with with me for more nights during the week now... Can I get an Amen?! Yesterday afternoon I pulled into the driveway on a sunroof high, and he was waiting for me on the porch with a cold glass of water and a half of a sandwich STUFFED with tomatoes and pickles (queue the drooling)... We sat there until the sun went down... Lit a candle... Cracked a beer and worked on some projects. There may have also been some delicious gelato involved, but who's to say.

Dear God, let me remember and appreciate these moments for all that they are. Just the two of us. Incubating our little growing boy. In our beautiful and bustling little neighborhood. Ringing in a long awaited Atlanta fall. So much to look forward to and be thankful for.

Are you getting the same fall deliciousness wherever you are? What are your favorite ways to commemorate the changing of the seasons??


Caution: I'm 22.5 weeks pregnant and wearing a romper

It happened. 
I tried on the romper. Burley gave me the A OK.
I wore it for a few hours on Saturday night to the Maiedae Mixer, and it was a hit. 

I have to say, there are some down sides (punn intended) to wearing a one piece jumper as a pregnant lady who is sipping a drink all night to avoid awkward pauses in conversation... And that was a bummer.

But other than that, I felt really confident, had SUCH a great time, and feel like the romper was the perfect outfit to accompany an amazing evening meeting lots and lots of new lovely ladies.

I have so many pictures to share with you of details from the evening, coming at you later this week. 

Until then... Here are some more pregnant romper photos. 
...How else would I introduce this?


Intel 2 in 1: Smart Enough for a Woman (Part 2)

If you were around this past Wednesday, you may have seen my first exciting teaser for all of the goodness that is about to hit next month. For the past two months I have been planning and creating a new website, that more closely integrates my blog and design shop. I currently have my portfolio available, but I have been a bit hesitant to take on more design work, so that piece of my website and blog have been pretty dormant over the past 6 months, by choice.

However, over the past month or two, this beautiful thing started happening... I started missing my design work! I actually was bummed to not have emails coming in from happy clients, deadlines to get my artwork in, a lineup of blogs to dream up... It was so refreshing to find that my heart and soul actually enjoy this work... A lot. 

So... I got to working on an updated site, and planning out the coming months to get back to work. It has been refreshing, to say the least... And today, you are getting the tiniest little teaser of the new website and blog. Yay!!

Since we received the Dell Insperion 2 in 1 Convertible Touchscreen Laptop, I have been excited to try it out with some of my design work. Mostly because it is so compact, so it is super easy to pop in my purse and use at the dog park, coffee shop, or any other place I find I have an hour or two do dive into my work. So, if Burley isn't busy using it for himself, I will snag it and pack it up to go!

I have done a lot of work on the new site using this laptop, even connecting my tablet & stylus to it, to create and tweak my new logo! Yes... That's right! Super user friendly and intuitive to get my stylus working to either draw or browse. This has been one of my favorite perks by far.

The resolution and quality of the screen has made it really enjoyable to see all of the hard work on the new site come to life!! It's like seeing a piece of your own art hung in a gorgeous gallery (or I guess I imagine this is how it might feel, considering I have never actually had this happen to me before...)

... It makes all of the hard work and long hours reeeeeally worth it.

Here are a few more photos of the 2 in 1 laptop in action, as well as some sneak peeks at the new site, to be released mid-October!!

#spon: I'm required to disclose a relationship between our site and Intel This could include Intel providing us w/content, product, access or other forms of payment.


Maiedae Mixer: Wardrobe Inspiration

This weekend, I've got some exciting, glittery plans coming up. This year, I get to attend the 2nd annual Maiedae Mixer! Huzzah! I was so bummed last year when I had to miss out on all the fun. But this year, don't you worry friends... I am on it like whit on rice.

As soon as my ticket was booked and I was looking forward to this year's theme "Be Golden," I had a minor panic attack thinking "There is no way that gold is going to be easy to find in the maternity section." And I was right. I suggested to the hosts that perhaps a gold bikini and gilding myself from head to toe with paint might be my best option...

But, alas. Full on body paint is probably not smart for a pregnant woman either.

So I had to get a little bit creative when it came to my wardrobe...
And by creative I mean that I am going to put my 22 week pregnant belly into a pant-romper.
Yes... Yes I am.

I can't wait to share photos of the evening with you, as well as final details on my outfit. It might be one for the books... Or it might be one that is really embarrassing and I will have to creatively pretend that I liked how I looked and show you really artsy closeups of only the good parts.

If you are in the Atlanta area, and you are a blogger or creative of any sort, I hope that you will be joining me! I have heard there are a few tickets left, so snag yours today and let's party on Saturday!!!

... If you want to be seen partying with a pregnant woman in a pants-romper.