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Burley and I have been playing sofa roulette for years now. During our 5 moves in 4 years we have 1) Ruined a couch with spilled balsamic vinegar while in the moving van (we literally thought all of Kansas smelled like vinegar, until we realized it was our poor couch gettting ruined) 2) Gave a couch away because though it looked REALLY retro, it also still had retro cigarette butts that showed up every now and then from the 70s... I couldn't handle it 3) Gave another couch away because we got it for free and used it for a year and then it was REALLY one of those "we got this for free" couches

And there are more stories where all of those come from.

But after this move, we decided to invest in something that will last us a bit longer. Not forever. But longer. So I have been on the hunt.

I am not really a "get a neutral sofa that will match anything and everything" kind of sofa buyer... as you can probably tell. But these were a few of my favorites that I found while search with strict orders to stay under $800. That may seem like a chunk of cash, but in sofa world, it surprisingly doesn't get you that far.

So, what are your thoughts friends? Any favorites?



Sources: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

Well now that my huge secret is out... I feel like I can get back to life as normal.
Normal being my new house filled with boxes (half as many as there originally were, thank you very much) and me being across the country in Vegas for a week, dreaming of the fun DIY projects my husband is surely doing while I'm out of town, right? Of course.

I have gone as far as to pick out some paint samples for a few of the spaces in this new home, so I can sit with them and feel out which ones will fit the best. Mint, white, coral, and light grays included... O boy!

I am in love with our new space because there are lots and lots of windows, paneling in some of the main living spaces, high ceilings, multiple fire places (including in our bedroom... score!) and a butlers pantry in our laundry room. Shwing!

So much potential... so little time.

I am excited to move right along with making our new home feel bright, cheery, colorful, sassy, lived in and most of all, us. If I could put the style I am anticipating into words it would be like...

Anthropologie and West Elm sat down for a happy hour, with a delicious whiskey cocktail, in front of a big bright window, on a bearskin rug, listening to Johnny Cash, drinking out of copper vessels. 

Damn. That felt good to sum it up like that.

So get excited. On the way we have a man cave shed re-do, a laundry room makeover, a living room + dining room overhaul, and eventually a nursery! Oy.

Better get back to pinning...


We Got Lucky

Want to know the real reason that Burley and I made the plunge to move our 5th time in 4 years?
And why I have been sleeping 22 hours per day and giving you radio silence on this blog for the past 2 months?
And why my love for the cutest blogs such as Aubrey Kinch Blog and Maiedae have now become not only crushes but necessities?
And why January 2015 is going to radically change our lives forever?

Yup. You guessed it. We are expecting to introduce a little baby Richardson into the world!!
I am weeping just typing that. Still doesn't quite feel real. Or possible. Or like I am old enough to say something so serious... such as "We created human life."

After we decided to let Jesus take the wheel (and a lot of other parts) when it came to the constant question of "should we have a baby now?" he decided to go ahead and move on that REAL quick. We were surprised. They weren't lying in health class! Sex really does get you pregnant when you don't prevent it from happening. What a miracle.

We don't take it lightly. I know there are so many women who struggle in this area and it takes a long time, or doesn't happen at all, so for this huge blessing we feel.... well... beyond blessed. We don't call it a happy circumstance or just human bodies being human bodies. We know that this was God's confirmation of our trust in him. We know that this is going to be the weirdest, hardest, cutest, most challenging gift we have ever asked for.

We don't feel prepared. We don't feel smart enough. Rich enough. Old enough. We sure as hell aren't wise enough... But I know in the areas that we will fall short, the village around us, and the God that brought us all together will close the gap. Like He has and always will.

So there you have it friends. The big news.

I haven't felt sick really, but just beyond exhausted all of the time.
I am feeling much more awake and alert as I head into my 14th week (thank goodness).
I can't wait to share this journey with you as my heart and body grow and explode.


Weird Tips for Making Moving Easier

It's that time. This weekend, Burley and I will be making the big move from the East side to the West side. Yes. I am singing many awesome R&B songs in my head right now. Aren't you?

This week, as I have packed, trashed, Goodwill'd, Laughed, Cried, Eaten Chinese Food twice, and listened to a CRAP ton of music (are you picturing what a literal crap ton of music looks like right now? Mind. Blown).... I have thought through some odd-ball tips for moving that you probably won't find on These are tips for the real woman (or man) coming from someone who has moved 5 times in the past 4 years. That basically gives me a Masters in moving.

Without further ado...

That's right. You heard me clearly. Now, though this goes against my power/control-hungry personality, I have found that this works BEST for my mental state-of-being over all during a move. If you start packing too early, then your whole house/life will feel like it is in pieces for a REALLY long time. If you are anything like me, then the moment you start packing is the moment your brain starts spinning and you DREAM of the day that the move comes and you can gain your sanity back again. If you start this process a month before the move date, you quite literally might go crazy. However, if you give yourself 1 week per 1,000 square feet, I promise you, you will be thankful that you did. Now, in that important week, you better give yourself plenty of time and space to get the work done that you need to get done. This is not a call to procrastinate and stress. This is a call to intentionally feel crazy, eat off paper plates, and have millions of bags of trash laying around your house for only the shortest amount of time necessary (queue me eating Chinese food twice in one week).

Yea. You heard me. I am talking full on, non-appologetic, don't care what yo' mama says bingeing. 1 Million episodes of the TV show of your choice. You thought I was going to say wine, didn't you? Come on. Now, a little wine here and there is amazing when you are packing boxes, but it can also bring your productivity rate way down. Way way down. Like 2 glasses and then you would rather sleep than even BREATHE THE SMELL of another box. So, I would go lighter on the wine, and heavier on the book or TV show bingeing. Last time I moved, I listened to a book on tape and absolutely plowed through that thing. This time, I decided to indulge in Sex and the City from beginning to end. Oh. My. Heavens. What a freakin' treat. My laptop follows me around from room to room. I am in season 4 and I started it 2 weeks ago. Yes. I am that cool. But not as cool as Carrie. I mean seriously, is anyone as cool as Carrie? You watch your mouth.

In efforts to find a feeling of "I Did It"ness, I used to start with the first things I knew I could pack. Back when I was an amateur, obvi. That would lead me to the drawers, and that would lead me to the sheets/blankets/pillowcases. I would pack them up tight and put them at the bottom of the pile of boxes. Then, when it came time to tackle the kitchen, or any other breakables, I would run out of newspaper faster than you can say "peep." That was the first random short word I could think of. Strange. So, now I gather all of the towels, all of the linens, any table setting accouterment (this is my Mom's favorite word), and I put it in a pile to be used. How amazing does it feel to not only wrap your dishes up tight with thick towels at the same time that you are packing 2 things at once (towels and dishes)? Let me tell you. Amazing. And it's free. Don't you dare go out and buy packing materials for your next move. Don't. You. Dare.

And these thoughts, my friends, are my pearls of wisdom for this weekend. From me. To you. If you have a move coming I strongly suggest taking my advice, and if you don't, I am sure you will still come out alive so seriously, don't sweat it. I am just trying to help.

I love you all.

See you on the other side!


My Top 10 Favorite Podcasts

In 2014, I discovered an amazing new world. Filled with endless knowledge, countless hours of entertainment, and an intelligent retreat from my daily commute.

Enter... The Podcast.

I feel like there are people who either listen to a LOT of podcasts, and other people who don't listen at all. I have never met anyone in between. In 2014, I became the former.

If you are the later, and you have no idea what a podcast may add to your life... Let me explain to you.

A Podcast is like... meeting with that group of friends you have, that you know knows a LOT about music... And when you hang out with them you learn so much about music. The way YOU like to learn about music... From friends you trust, with similar interest.

Well, that's pretty much what a Podcast is to me. Minus the "good friends" part, even though I do start to feel quite fond of the hosts I listen to often :)

So, today... I am going to share with you my top 10 most favorite general podcasts, both new and old. If you guys like it, I can go into detail about which Podcasts I recommend in different areas of interest (Design, Fashion, Pop Culture, Music, Etc...) at a later date. But today... Just my ABSOLUTE favorites that I have and will keep up with weekly.

1 // Relevant Podcast - Relevant Magazine is an amazing source for faith, culture, and intentional living. They have always been a media that I follow, wether it is reading their articles or buying their magazine, so when my husband introduced me to their podcast, I was hooked. The hosts are funny, I trust their opinions, and they are really amazing about covering everything from the humorous to the matters of the heart. Great music. Great culture. Great podcast.

2 // Elise Gets Crafty - This Podcast is actually relatively new. I have followed Elise's blog for years now. She is one of the most inspiring women on the web, in my oppinion. She really marches to the beat of her own drummer, and stands the test of trendy blog time, in my book. Her content is a lot about small business, blogging, staying inspired, and mostly just everything that I am interested in all the time. She never disappoints. My favorite episodes so far have been Branding a New Venture and Starting a New Business.

3 // On the Grid - This is one of my more nerdy indulgences. These guys are all graphic and web designers who discuss everything from their tonsil removal surgeries, to their new chess app, to the future of web design. If you are into this at all, they are a great listen.

4 // After the Jump - Grace Bonney (creator of Design*Sponge) interviews fun entrepreneurs and creatives. Pretty much every episode is really insightful, really quick (so much information in such little time!) and really inspiring. I always feel ready to creatively conquer the world after I finish this podcast.

5 // The Lively Show - I haven't been listening to The Lively Show for long, but I have gotten really excited about the content of her episodes. She is super personable and relatable in her interviews. Also, I am excited to read more of her blog as well... YES. I love finding a new friend online that I have never heard of before, somehow. I just got totally excited about this one all over again. YEAAA.

6 // This American Life - As an NPR classic, this one is a no brainer. I rarely catch "This American life" on the radio, so I myself prefer to go on Benders where I listen to back to backs all day. That's the healthiest way, right? These stories are sometimes sad, sometimes happy, sometimes inspiring, but always heart-stirring. Get a good cup of coffee and along Sunday morning, and this one is just the ticket.

7 // With Purpose - I am relatively new to the podcast, but Erin and Katie host some of the most awesome guests and lively podcasts. I have only listened to a few so far, but I can't wait to dive in some more. I have 8 queuing up on my phone as we speak.

8 // Design Matters - This one is kind of a staple in the design community. If you read any blog, about any design resources, they will most likely be included. I honestly am not extremely personally tied to this one, but I do like to check in and listen once in a while, because the conversational definitely always teaches me something new, and usually makes me feel smarter for having listened.

9 // The Casual Observers - This weekend at the dog park, I ran into an old friend from highschool, and his new wife. He told me that among many other things he is doing with his life these days, him and some friends have started a podcast. He told me they discuss everything from X-Men to Chumbawamba, so naturally I said "where do I sign?" Can't wait to listen!

10 // The Ted Radio Hour - I don't know who wouldn't love this podcast. There is something for everyone. Basically, they take the every TED Speaker, and sit down to talk with them about their talk haha. You follow me? It's the meat within the meat that is the awesome of TED. So enjoy :)

So next time you are on your way to/from work... Sitting at your desk... On your lunch break... Think twice about cruising Instagram for an entire hour, and listen to a Podcast. Your hear and brain will thank you for it.

Do you have any amazing podcasts you've been listening to? I am DYING to know. This is my favortie thing. Sharing! Leave your favs in the comments below for me, and everyone else. Can't wait to listen!!