I Will Make This... Faux Real.

Yup... I went there. The infamous switchup up of Faux Vs. Fo'
Classic, Timeless, Punny.

I have been watching Craigslist for ages, waiting for a cheap mantel to appear. I am hoping by the time fall rolls around again, I will have some luck.

Or... I may just take some tips from these amazing DIY'rs, whip out the tools, and create my own!

The Little Apartment
 I love that this one looks like something I can do with very little tools, very little time, and take a lot of creative liberties. I would want my reclaimed wood to be a little bit more substantial. Thicker and wider would fit my taste. Super inspirational... and obviously, the trunks are ok too :)

Dreamy Whites
This one is pretty much like a dream come true... But I would need one amazing antique mantel to pull this look off. Really sturdy, really fresh... I love it all around.

Jaime Scott
I am 99% sure that I am going to go with the chalk board fireplace center. Then it can be changed for every season, every mood, every celebration. I love the look. The mantel is crisp and clean. Options, Options, Options......

Those are my thoughts on faux fireplaces... do you have any ideas or pics you have seen?

Mrs. Thriftary

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  1. hey maddie! thanks for checking out my blog!! i loved looking around yours... you have a great sense of style! i will definitely look out for your future posts. and i am doing really well- hope you and your hubby are doing fabulous as well. good to hear from you!