Jello Shots. Classy.

DISCLAIMER: You must be over 21 to read this post or laugh at any of the jokes inside
or drink alcohol. Duh. It's the law.

So, I have seen this idea on Pinterest a few times... and around the interweb.
And I think to myself "aren't jello shots immature and trashy?"
And then I look at the pictures and I think to myself "no... no... these are awesome and cute"

So I decided to try it out myself.

Tonight, I have my bookclub ladies coming over for our Christmas Extravaganza.
And I have made jello shots.

The only time that I have ever HAD a jello shot in my life was one time at a random bowling alley in Georgia. I saw a sign for a special on jello shots.

Me: Haha. That's funny. Who orders a jello shot anymore?
Burley: What? They are good! Have you ever had one?
Me: No. I am a lady.
Burley: Oh geeze - we are getting some

Burley buys 2 jello shots...

Me: So, how do you shoot this thing? It is a solid food...
Burley: You just kind of... squish it up a little and shoot it
Me: OK... Doesn't sound physically possible to shoot a solid food but here goes...
Burley: Done!
Me: I need a spoon

And now.. years later... here we are. I am making them in our kitchen.

So enough about me, let's talk about my jello shots.

I got this recipe and how-to from Michele over at That's so Michelle. Thanks, Michelle!

Super simple ingredients. I added the lime to mine for a little something extra.

add lime juice if you would like

How To: Make the Jello shot mixtures
You will just follow the instructions on the Jello box, but instead of cold water, you will replace that with vodka. Tadah!

How To: Clean your limes
This process took me a minute to figure out. Cleaning out 12 limes (24 halves) is a daunting task to say the least. The BEST way I found to do this is to throw the limes in the microwave for 30 seconds.
THEN, slice them in half (the long way), and start thumbing out the inside.
You will want to try and dig your nail in a little deep, so that you can pull out the whole inside in a clean sweep. MAKE SURE THOSE HANDS ARE CLEAN!
Then, rinse and perfect the cleaning.
Then, leave the limes to dry on a towel.

And that's how its done folks!



  1. Cute idea! I love the festive colors, very holiday appropriate. Thanks for sharing!
    Karah @ thespacebetweenblog

  2. Beautiful! Bet they were so yummy! I'd love to have you link up this post to Project Pinterest tomorrow (Thursday) on my blog.


  3. Thanks ladies! Sarah - I have linked up to your partaaaaaaaaaaay today. Thanks for the invite!

  4. Those are so pretty! I know how to use those lovely lime peels from our lime tree! ;) Thanks for linking up with Project Pinterest!!

  5. I was at book club and can vouch for how AWESOME these were! Not only were they tasty, but they worked = cab ride home :) Thanks for sharing the recipe!