We are here!

Hey all you party people!

We have safely arrived in Atlanta GA. It has been a whirlwind since the first night.

We landed, picked up our rental car, unpacked at our hotel and headed STRAIGHT out to Roux (A cute restaurant/bar) in Downtown Roswell GA to enjoy some incredible music, dancing, cocktails and friends.

The next couple days I went into my Atlanta office for the day, and then we hit up my company work party and our good friend's wedding rehearsal dinner.

We then headed out to their wedding on Saturday and then stayed in a hotel with our BFFs for a couple of days before they head out to LA for a fun life adventure.

And yes... all of that was since Wednesday night.

So I am now reaching you from Starbucks, sitting next to all of Burley and I's luggage like we are homeless people. Except that I have a phone and computer and luggage. So no, I am not a stuck-up rich kid who will tell you that I am homeless because we don't have access to a car for few hours. Except I just was.

So please forgive me.

Oh Yea.. and here is a recap of all the things we have lost and left behind so far, in true Richardson fashion (some of them can be recovered, so I can laugh about it... Kind of)

  • My computer charger
  • My camera
  • Burley's sunglasses
  • Burley's phone
  • My perfume
Ah - life on the road.

We can't wait to get to Savannah tomorrow to celebrate with our family (and leave all of our luggage in one spot so that we don't keep losing things!)

Hope you are all having a great week before Christmas!

I will check back in soon.

Until then...



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  1. love it! that is about to be my life! I hope you have an amazing time in ATL with the fam. Give James, Sean and MS hugs for me! xx