Rocky Mountain: HI COLORADO!

Get it? Is this pun not so deliciously perfect? (Thanks John Denver, RIP). I feel that I may be strange for finding such great satisfaction in it. It is the little things...

Well... Burley and I have made a big decision. We are packing up our little bugalow in Atlanta and moving out west! Denver, CO here we come.

We have only been in this home for about a year, so the decision is so very bitter sweet. However, we don't have any little rascals yet (besides ol' Mace Face) and we have very little commitments... so we decided we needed to bite the bullet and head on a new adventure, while we can.

It has my THRIFTARY brain spinning. What will our new home look like? What amazing flea markets/thrift stores will I find? I CAN'T WAIT TO DECORATE!

Let's just take a moment to enjoy the organic satisfaction of a blank domestic canvas....


OK - well now that the big news is announced... I will let you in on some amazing projects I hope to incorporate in our new home.

I am obsessed with this amazing home office area created by Vintage Revivals. Seriously... these mirrors? and this desk? I could eat it up. Check the links out to see the tutorials!

This headboard? Seriously.... It is like the blogging world today said "Let's throw a pic out there and see if the perefect person obsessed with this headboard can find it"... and then i found it. You can see the tutorial here, and if you have a few days time & the desire to develop a HUGE case of the "wants"... check out the rest of the House*Tweaking site.

I am in love with wall-paper idea (behind the mason jars)... I found this while snooping around poppytalk. I would love to use this inspiration in the our new kitchen, in our hutch, or in some other piece of awesome furniture that I don't own yet!

This AMAZING light fixture idea may be the first project at our new home. I stole a piece of drift wood from my sister (it looks a lot like this branch) over Christmas.... She let me! I have been dying to find the perfect use for it.... and I did.

Well that is about it for this ol' dreamer. Back to the reality of packing 3BR/2BA in one month and then paying to haul it across the country.

Wait... where did my romantic adventure just go?

Mrs. Thriftary

You Know the Way to my Heart...

So... I am not going to get all mushy on you in thist post-VDay post... but I am going to say this: Burley can cook... like REALLY cook. I came home to this incredible dinner yesterday.

 Mediteranean Bruschetta

You can get the recipe card HERE

(Burley used Goat cheese instead of Ricotta because it is my favorite... I highly recomend it)

Carmelized Pancetta and Fennel Salad

You can get the recipe card HERE. 

Shrimp Scampi on Linguini

You can get the recipe card HERE. 

Parmesan Roasted Asparagus

You can get the recipe card HERE.

That is all.

Mrs. Thriftary

QUICK! It's Valentines Day...

Hey Team - Its Valentines Day!


I know!

It just snuck up on me like a sneaky sneaky elf.

I am going to be very sad to see the cheesy jewelry commercials go, and watch the cheap fluffy stuffed bears with "I Wuv U" written on their bellies leave the shelves (not).

If you (or your loved one) is having some trouble thinking of last-minute VDay plans on a penny (GHASP... I know that you are WAY more thoughtful than that)... Check out some ideas I have scrounged up below!
Here are some small-cost, big-love ways that you can celebrate your loved one today, without the running to CVS on your way home from work (Seriously.. Don't even think of doing that).

  • The Infamous Mix Tape: I know it sounds cliche... but seriously... Does it ever get old? You and your lova' have songs added to the list all the time... You should be documenting your current love song-a-thon so that when your kids are like "Hey... what were your and dad's songs when you were 28.5 year old? You will have documentation. In addition... Thanks to Martha Stewart... You can make it look all fancy shmancy with one of her handy dandy templates.  

  • Love Note/Message in a Bottle: I think we overlook the power of words. I know that I do. Write an old-fashioned love note (cheesy or steamy) and tuck it inside this amazing home-made card that Martha Stewart has so lovingly made a template for... how easy is that? or... if you want to go the EXTRA mile... step way back in time with this message in a bottle... Make a lable or use your favorite wine (you probably have one lying around the house!).

    • Date-Night (with a Menu) - Are you broke? Ya... Me too. So.... why not make a new dinner at home? You could make an ambitious romantic dinner (See Martha Stewart's romantic menu ideas) or you could do pizza/sushi and include your partner in the process. Print out the menu (Don't leave out any courses!) and be creative with dessert. OW OW!!! Spice up your evening in by setting up a special dining area in a room you do not normally eat in. You'll save some cash and have an instant, relaxed romantic evening.

    • Play the Lottery: So, this may not be your grandmother's idea of the most romantic date... but follow me for a minute here. Burley and I love to dream... on long car rides, late nights, and date nights we often update our lists/priorities in regards to exactly how we would spend $1 Million if we were to win it RIGHT NOW. It is a fun way to connect on what is important to both of you (which changes day to day) and it is ALWAYS healthy to dream big and take chances. So, after you decide on your list of priorites, take $5 - $10 bucks and risk it all on some cheap lotto tickest. You will get a rush, and grow closer together through the decision-making process.
    • Homebrew - So, though this gift will need some tweaking to be a last-minute idea... I think it is still really thoughtful and a fun activity (your man needs some lovin' too). It isn't the CHEAPEST on the list, but I figured that some of you lucky son-of-a-guns may have $50-$75 to spend on your hunny today. You can purchase the gift now (I found some cheap kits here and here). On your way home today, pick up a 6 pack and make a quick home-made gift certificate for the kit to come! Then, plan a few nights where you can both read up on homebrewing and decide what type of beer you want to make. Then, do it! A fun activity that will just keep giving and giving.

    Well that is all I have for you today, thrifties. Go out and tell the one you love that you love em'.

    Mrs. Thriftary

    Thrifty Gifts: Thanks Sister!

    Today I am featuring a lovely gift I received in the mail yesterday. I LOVE mail. And my sister loves SENDING mail... so we are a good pair (I guess I get the better end of the bargain here). I will call her

    She is also an amazing Thriftarian. I can't even explain... her boyfriend's parents got them a table saw for Christmas... That should give you a hint.

    She has an amazing barn in her backyard where she collects Free-Cycle furniture, and then turns it around for her home. Honestly... It is like walking into an issue of Real Simple meets Anthro. Disgusting talent.

    OK - enough. Here is what inspired this sister rant:

    Ya... She made that. The colors and knobs are awesome. I can't wait to hang her up!

    Mrs. Thriftary

    Give a Little Love

    "Well if you are (what you love)
    And you do (what you love)
    I will always be the sun and moon to you
    And if you share (with your heart)
    Yeah, you give (with your heart)
    What you share with the world is what it keeps of you"
    Noah And the Whale - "Give A Little Love"

    This weekend I had the priveledge of heading over to witness a new beginning in the life of some of Burley and I's dear friends. You can check out their story at

    They have been diving into the heart of inner-city Atlanta families for a few years now, as God has called them deeper into living life in accordance with his will. They have recently taken the plunge of purchasing a home in the 22nd most dangerous neighborhood in our nation (right here in the ATL) so that they can live, breathe, eat, sleep, and love in the midst of those who need them most. A gorgeous colision, and beautiful picture of what happens when you truly believe in the restoration of all that is broken.

    Needless to say, there is a lot of work cut out for them, and we were excited to stop by for a few minutes and see day 1 of this next part of their journey:

    Burley and one of our best friends...  Couch Buddy. She will also be living here and is part of the Blueprint 58 team.

    The inside of their new home... after the first day of demolition. Exciting possibilities... and a lot of hard work ahead!

    Discussing what will become of couch buddy's bedroom.

    Entry to the front porch... I didn't really capture all the charm of this house... but it is going to be an amazing home and stomping ground for some amazing people and hearts.

    We are so excited for this team and the work laid out ahead for them. They are sooo up to the challenge. You should really check out their story over at and If you are inspired with questions or the desire to join them, you can also email Becca Stanley at

    Of course... Becca is also a super, disgustingly creative and inspiring Thriftarian. So... I wasn't suprised when I saw this gorgeous door that she snuck away from the piles of trash. Jealous? Yea... me too.

    Mrs. Thrifty

    Mace Face

    So, life has been so busy. My house is a mess... and I laugh in the face of having time to organize or create anything this week. HA!

    So in the meantime, I thought i would share a revolutionary breakthrough with you...

    You know those people who have animals, and they dress them up in costumes, and treat them like humans, and feed them prime rib and Godiva chocolate, and every one is OK with this....?

    Well I am not one of those people... almost.

    I have the cutest pup in the world (I know I know... we all think we do... but come on... she is the cutest pup in the world, right?)

    Ya... that's what I thought.

    ANYWAYS. Ever since she has been a Richardson, I have had this deep urge to dress her up! It is SICK I know! But I mean, I am only talking a little scarf here, a little bow there.... nothign serious.

    Burley has been 100% opposed. I even turned my sister's ever-so-cute family pic idea (including dog costumers) becuase I was respecting Burley's wishes of NO DOG DRESS-UP.
    But then there was this weekend...

    The weather was GORGEOUS. The first jeans & sandals day I have experienced in months. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and something inspired me to try 1 more time..

    Mrs. Thriftary: "Babe - I found this purple bandana in the bathroom. I wonder if I should put it on Mace Face so she doesn't get lost at the park"
    Burley: "She will be on a leash"
    Mrs. Thriftary: "Yea but there is just no telling what could happen"
    Conversation Ends...

    15 minutes later......

    Yes.... Sweet Mace Face, all dolled up for the park.

    Thank you Burley for being so gracious. Now that my eyes have seen the glory, the costume kick will R.I.P.

    Mrs. Thriftary