Orange... You are mine forever

I hope you didn't come to my wedding... becuase if you did you are going to want to pluck your eyes out at this post.

Come to find out, Burley and I landed a loft that has orange and red walls. What? Who?
Don't ask me who paints their walls orange and red... but it does mean that we took it for a small penny (who else on the market would take on this job?).

So.... since we are renting, I didn't want to spend the dough on painting every inch of this place.
You can bet your bottom that red was the color that has to leave. In addition, red took up the smallest amount of wall space... so that was a factor.

I have been ravaging blogger world, looking for ideas on how to lighten up the orange. Basically there is a divider on the wall.... so the top is organe and the bottom is TBD. Probably a linnen white or something up that alley.

Anyways... all this to say that this loft could very well end up looking like my wedding.

Orange. Teal. Rustic. Vintage. Lots of wood and sticks.

I thought I would share some awesome photos that have my mind reeling. I stumbled across Till & Fran today and got very little work done after that....

Have you ever battled an orange space before? any ideas?

Mrs. Thriftary

Life is Busy!

Can I get an Amen?

We are down to 7 days until we load the truck, and 8 days until we move out west.

I am a ball of disgusting emotion. One minute I am drooling over the thought of having a blank canvas to decorate (Can't wait to post some serious before and afters) and the next minute I am sobbing like a baby in anticipation of missing Atlanta. Change is good.

Burley and I made the very adult decision to move all of our stuff into our new place on a Thursday night and then leave to go Skiing on Friday for the weekend with our friends. What?

So.... I have started some of the projects I know I am going to want done... NOW.

The first one was this ridiculous acid wash mirror DIY posted by Mandi over at Vintage Revivals (which you may remember from my first Colorado post)

I decided to go ahead and bite the bullet and try it out! Now, this is no ordinary craft people. A man at home depot questioned me for about 5 minutes before he event let me put the items necessary in my cart! (That's because the acid that eats away at the mirror is for serious pool cleaning and Lord knows what else).

I will post pictures on how the final project turns out later this week (as I am still in the process)... but I am really pumped at how it is coming along!

Stay tuned.

Mrs. Thriftary

The Apple. The Tree. The Bunnies.

I know a lot of my friends dread becoming their mothers someday... but if I am lucky enough to even fall close to the tree from whence I came... I will live a full and joyful life... Not to mention disgustingly thrifty.

My mom is this kind of woman -

Scene -
Mrs. Thriftary is 10 years old and needs to go to a party on Saturday night where all of her friends are wearing costumes. It is now Saturday morning and she remembers this important detail over breakfast...

Mrs. Thriftary (age 10): "Mama... I need to have a costume for Cindy Lou's halloween party tonight... I want it to be funny, but cute, and maybe little scary and pretty. Well.. maybe not scary. What should I be? Can you make it?"
Mama: "Of course princess... Let's look on the craft shelf and see what we can find"
Mrs. Thrifatry (age 10): "Awesome! This is gonna be sweet!"

5 seconds later I am uninterested... but Mama is still working hard at making the perfect costume...

  • 1 Unused (or so she said...) mop head
  • 2 of my dad's socks
  • 1 Box of red RIT dye (yes... she had it lying around)
  • 1 Yellow blue dress that was in the goodwill pile but hadn't quite made it there yet
  • 1 Black eye liner pencil
  • 2 Old shiny pleather sunday shoes
  • 1 Puffy slip used from some sock hop costume years ago
  • 1 Tall funky hat that my older sister had made in an entrepreneurial effort to get rich by making everyone look like a Dr. Seuss character
The outcome: Raggedy Ann. With a hot mess of red mop hair, a puffy dress and a crazy hat to boot, I was the bell of the halloween ball (at least i felt that way... and really that's all that matters). And my mom, my tree, had wowed the world again.

All this to say... My mom made a million things out of nothing. And she is still up to her crazy tricks. Check out her amazing bunnies below... a great craft to learn before the Easter holidays! She uses old sweaters and coordinating scraps to put together these cute little guys. The best part is I recognize a lot of the sweaters as ones that she wore when we were growing up. This is an amazing keep-sake for the kids, and a super low-budget gift/decoration!

The Pattern

Some Color/Fabric/Button combos

Some of the finished products! Aren't the ridiculously cute?


Mrs. Thriftary

Freak Flag

It is official... We are in moving mode. It is in times like these when I am most overwhelmed that my Type-A alter-ego shows it's ugly face. It is a helpful and ogranized face, but ugly all the same.

The only thing that can satisfy the hunger of this alter-ego is a pre-made template (smooth and sleek) with fresh colors and fancy labels that fit every specifc category that feels out of control, deliciously organized into dedicated "favorites" folders in my web browser so that in any unruly minute, I can click one beautiful button and all of a sudden find solice in their sanity. Gosh that feels good to admit...
  • Template for our moving checklist? .... Check.
  • Calendar of our packing schedule?.... Check.
  • Color-Coded budget for moving expenses? .... Check.
  • Color-Coded list of items/boxes, yet to be filled?... Check.
  • Notebook with tabs to organize it all? ... Check.
  • Freak Flag? ... Check.
True - I am making fun of myself. I don't always live like this... only when I feel out of control. Is it healthy? Burley may say no... And he is probably right... but being freakishly organized for just 1 month never hurt anyone right?

Anyways... I figured, in light of my passionate love for online templates, I would share some links with you today for some of my FAVs I have collected over the years. Enjoy, you thrifty freaks.

Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge is one of my favorite sites in the world. She features a lot of other bloggers who have amazing ideas to offer. One day I stumbeled upon THIS TEMPLATE for keeping track of groceries and weekly menus. Yum.

OrganizedHome.Com has an amazing DIY for making a household notebook. This is like the mecca of all organization templates. Go forth and template.

The Pear Budget website gives you a step-by-step budget builder... Words can't express how handy this site is for us budgetly impaired (as they say). You can start the process here! If you are really starting from scratch, you can also comission the help of to calculate your current spending in certain categories, to help you estimate the amount of money to allocate to each new budget cateogry! What a beautiful thing.

I know that Real Simple is no news to most of my readers... but you just can't talk about organizing without bringing them into the picture. Check out this iPhone app! It helps you organize your TO DO lists, check out some organizing tips, and delegate tasks right from your phone. AWESOME.

In light of my recent "sitch," I thought I would add some resources in here for you THRIFTARIANS out there who may be selling, buying, renting, moving, and everything in between. Check out the Nest by Martha Stewart Living. They have an amazing page of templates right up your alley!

That's all folks.

Mrs. Thriftary