This is Hard...

I like to learn... but it's sometimes hard to do. Especially when it comes to software that has a BAZILLION bells, whistles, small animals turning the gears, intricate dances between mechanisms... what?


I do have a few things going against me....
  1. My computer is ancient
  2. My camera is ancient
  3. That's about it
However... I do have a few things going FOR me...
  1. I am really curious about the art of photography
  2. I love computers and software and learning them both
  3. I have a blog that I feel this strange need to update all the time, and I need things to write about.
So here I am. Learning photoshop. And I thought that tonight, Friday night at 12:11am (so, if we're being really acurate it is Saturday morning), and I am sharing some of the things I learned tonight.

Defining and Sharpening makes a huge difference. Also, the Colorado sky doesn't need much work to be strikingly gorgeous (and neither does my husband).

 Eyes are the key to any close-ups. By highlighting and shadowing, it ads a lot of depth to the photo!
 I can't even remember what I did here.... but don't you wish that you could put on photoshop makeup in the morning?
 This picture was of horrible quality. But, even as pixelated as it was, I did some highlighting of our faces, and put a slight vingette around the shot and BAM my siblings-in-law look hot.
I am trying to not just slap filters on every photo... even though it is very instantly gratifying. I really want to learn how to make a photo look natural, just with a pop. However, I couldn't resist this shot... I mean I am biased... but these guys  look so bad ass.

So that's all I have so far... I have the weekend to myself (Burley is learning to fly fish... GO BURELY GO!) so maybe i'll blow my mind out with all of the tutorials I Google and come Monday,  you won't even know what hit you.

Mrs. Thriftary

The Office is... Dun Dun Dun...

Get it?

Well THRIFTARIANS... It is complete... well for now. I don't think any room in my home is ever safe from a good scrub or rearrangin'... but for now, the office is checked off of my list.

Burley and I had a fun time painting and organizing (ok... I had a fun time organizing, and Burley mostly just liked using his tools to help his fair maiden).

But the final result is really pleasing and I am excited to share it with you!

And here are some pics of the redo....

Here are some more pics of the final project....

 It was a lot of fun, and makes working from home oh so much more enjoyable.

You stay Classy...

Mrs. Thriftary


Today that most wonderful thing happened. But I planned this very delicious suprise.

Last week Groupon had a deal on organic vegetable delivery. So naturally I said, "Burley... let's get really hippy up in this hizzy." Just kidding. I said "Burley - I am going to have some vegetables delivered to the house for about the same as what we would pay at the store. That cool?"

Anyways. Much to my suprise...Mile High Organics now also delivers cream and milk and all of these other AMAZING foods that just feel so much better going down into my stomach because they are local and fresh and I dont pick them, they pick me. Seriously, you just buy a bin and get whatever comes in it! Isn't it exciting?

So this morning around 11am I heard a knock on the door and Macey and I excitedly ran to the front of our loft and played it cool.

Hippy Delivery Guy: "Hey.. I am here to bring you your very first delivery from Mile High Organics... Welcome to the team."
Me: "Thanks... I love organic food"
Hippy Delivery Guy: "....Awesome. Then you will... like what I brought in this bin"
Me: "Thanks..."

Awkward right? That's what happens when I try to act cooler than I am.

Anyways, I can't tell you how excited I am to have a cup of coffee with local fresh half & half tomorrow. Did I mention that it comes in a real bottle? Amazing. In other news, I am currently googling things like "rainbow chard recipe" and "what can i cook with a radish?"

All new expriences people... That's what I'm talking about.

Mrs. Thriftray

Come On (My Soul)

I am a fan of music. I am a lover of music. Its a legit friendship and need.

So, when I stumble across good music, it really just gets me like nothing else. There is little more exciting. Especially when it is music of substance and (Don't mind me getting spiritual...) spirit.

This morning i was neglecting some duties and stalking friends on Facebook when i stumbled across this video.

I mean - really? How can i so quickly be brought from a place of mindless Facebook numbing, to communion with God and stirring in my soul? Music. It's a ridiculously real thing.

So... today's quick post is to let you know that furniture/crafting is a hobby... but it really is a means to make a home. And in my home, we listen to music, and we commune with God, and we like to have our souls stirred. These things matter.

Happy Easter weekend Thriftarians.

Mrs. Thriftary

Check out the Rend Collective HERE and/or buy their album HERE.

Let's Get Down to Business...

And the office makeover begins.... with the desk.

I was looking on Craigslist for EVER for the perfect desk. Then... I was at goodwill dropping some things off and saw them unloading this puppy. Perfect for my new office! I bought it for $15 bucks... and had a blast giving it a new look. Get your coffee, grab a seat, take a look, in a book...  nevermind that was getting off topic. Reading Rainbow? Anyone? Bueller?

The piece in the middle of the desk is where a sewing machine used to be... amazing, right?

I primed and painted with Yellow Finch. It is more in the yellow/green family than these pictures relay... I really really like it.

Then I glazed it with my handy dandy charcoal antiquing glaze

Super easy... 1. paint it on thick 2. wipe it off with water 3. wipe again with a dry cloth 4. redo the cracks and details so they get the most.

here she is! the wood is so old that it picked up the glaze really beautifully. I repainted all of the hardware with metalic silver paint, and glazed over that. Don't you love the hardware? it is really unique and is really what made me fall in love.

The office is 0% done... and 7% started (that is the desk). So... you may not see the before and afters on my place of work for a hot minute... but until then, i promise to keep you posted. I will give you a hint... I am a freakin' copy cat and Joon over at The Adventures of Ordy and Joon has inspired me...

In conclusion...
In Summary...
Hitherthither....Let me know if you have any ideas on how to organize my craft supplies! I cut down considerably before the move, but still need a spot (though there is limited space). I am open for ideas!

Mrs. Thriftary

Lofty Kitchen - You Got the Best of Me

Today, it is with an excited heart and tired paint-stained hands that I share these pictures of our kitchen... before... and after.

This was the #1 spot in the loft I knew needed to be completed first, as it was in pretty bad shape, and I of course, spend so much time there as a loving wife (aka a hungry girl).

I bit off a lot more than I could chew with the stenciling (that was such a great idea in my head). But, being stubborn does come in handy sometimes (though Burley won't admit that)... because I finished and BOY am I glad. Granted, I did have a little late night help from a good friend.

First, Burley helped me tape of the countertops

Then, we started sanding this hordendous countertop. Now, don't get me wrong... I love a chic throwback countertop... but what you can't see here is that this was a horrible paint job that had since been stained and cracked. In addition, the countertop was 2 different patterns... black/red/white on one side & black/white on the other. What?

so we sanded, sanded, and sanded some more

We only had to apply 1 coat of this Rust-Oleum countertop paint (got it at Lowes for about $18 bucks). Be ware... it is oil based and very toxic. We unkowingly about killed Mace Face (Don't tell PITA).

Next, I moved on to the infamous stencil. I decided to make it myself because:
1. I am impatient and didn't want to wait for it to be shipped
2. I thought it would be easy to save $30-$40 bucks on a piece of plastic

I created my stencil out of a plastic folder I had from office max.
  • I printed a design off line, blew it up and taped it to the folder.
  • Then, I used a craft blade to cut the pattern out. I choose a wonky pattern so that it didn't have to be very precise.
  • Then I used Elmers Glue spray adhesive to put a coat on the back of the stencil and started painting!
  • It took a while to get a rhythm (about half the wall). However, if you want a WAY better tutorial... Check out Mandy's wall @ Vintage Revivals. 'Twas my inspiration.

However... When all was said and done (and my good friend & fellow Coloradoian came over to do some recon)... The result was delicious.

I also forked out $25 bucks on the updated cabinet hardward. The old ones were made of nasty fake-wood... Totally unacceptable.

This pretty new addition is from Burley's dad and step-mom. A super thoughtul and WELL used gift. Thanks guys!

Well Thriftarians... That is about all I have for today. Tune in tomorrow for some office updates. NO it's not done yet... GEESH. Who do you think I am... My Mom? (She is really good at finshing this stuff super fast...)

BUT... I have made some progress on my new desk.

Till then.. You stay classy

Mrs. Thriftary

DIY Furniture?

Seems too good to be true, right? Well... the proof is in these pallets.

Burley and I have been looking for a small something for the loft, that can be used to designate a sitting/reading/music area. We have quickly learned that a loft needs "areas" or it just looks like one big mess. So, I have been on Craigslist looking for loveseats... chairs... key word search "Unique"... really just looking for ideas and something to inspire me.

But... After neglecting my morning duties, getting lost in blogger world.... I have been inspired.

PLEASE Check out Ashley Ann's DIY lounge bed.... It is unbelievable.

She was inspired by Pia Jane .... who created this DIY daybed...

and granted... Lori Danelle made this bed for a toddler... It has my wheels spinning.

So now my Craigslist search changes from "Unique Furniture" to "Free Pallets."

Whose with me?

Mrs. Thriftary

Dresser - I Hardly Know 'er...

I have come to the harsh realization this morning that I have a lot of "Before" ideas and not a lot of "After" pictures. Have you ever felt that way?

So.. This weekend Burley and I set out to knock out our list of "what we need to get the loft in order", which is a true task considering we sold both of our cars before we headed out west.

Luckily we have some GEMS for friends, and they let us use their wheels.

So we hit up home depot, some antique shops, groceries, the usual. All of a sudden I feel really old and need to quickly move on from this weekend update.

I thought I would share with you a project I was working on before we packed the truck to head out to CO. I knew that my life was about get really ORANGE in our new place, so in the spirit of the color scheme-to-be I re-did a dresser that was in our guest bedroom, which is now our entertainment center. I inherited it from a coworker and friend who wanted to help Burley and I out when we were filling up our first nest, with $0 cash on hand. Thanks Katie!

Check it out...

 First I sanded and primed....

 Then I did my very first glazing job ever... I really liked how it turned out. It was a bit tricky on the smooth sides of the dresser, but on the drawers it added a lot of character.

 Then I retouched a few areas to get the full glazing effect.

 Here she is, all setup in the loft! Still cluddred, but so satisfying.

I love this piece. It is going to go perfectly in the loft once we get the red walls OUTTA HERE. But unfortunately, that will be the last thing to get done. I promised Burley the space would be box-free and livable before we paint the walls. Check out a healthy marriage at work.

Well.. Be back soon with more from the ever-evolving new loft.

Mrs. Thriftary