What the Hall?

Hey Team!!

So I have realized recently, as I was updating the Thriftary Tour page, that I have never shared this area of the loft with you.... The entrance! Proabably becuase it is not that special right now. Since we moved in. all I have really done is gotten rid of the HORRIBLE red...

I also hung this ridiculously amazing mirror/key hanger that my mom made for me right before I got married...

 As well as this beautiful coat rack that my sister made for me this Christmas!

Man, I am one lucky girl.

So today I am opening up for suggestions. What should I do with the left side of the hall? Wall or mirrors? Picture gallery? something totally of the "wall" and awesome? I didn't even plan that pun...

Let me know what you think Thriftarians.... I NEED YOUR HELP!

Happy Friday!

Mrs. Thriftary

Uh Oh

I got one of these....

and now im busy doing really important things like this...

and this...

Just kidding. I am not really doing pointless things like this. Oh shoot... You've now seen the pictures.
Oh well.

I'll check-in tomorrow

Mrs. Thirftary

Thriftary Goes Green

You know how people always say that the grass is greener on the other side? Well it really is, in every sense of the term. When Burley and I lived in GA,  we had a beautiful yard, front and back. Did I ever garden? no. Did I try and grow some flowers in a pot once? Yes. Did I apply myself to keeping them alive?  No. Did they die? Yes.

However, now that I am living in this cute little loft that I love, I am YEARNING for the earth. I want to tend a garden more than anything. But here I am, 3 stories up. No grass.

And then... A miracle happened, in the form of an infomercial creation.
Last week I was at the grocery store, and I saw this little guy on sale. HAAAAAAAAAALELUJAH.

I have never purchased an ASOTV product (that is how they say "As Seen on TV" in LA I bet) before... but I thought... what the heck. I want a garden & this little guy looks like he may be able to give me what I need. So have moved forward with zeal, an added a few more additions.....

I am not sure if tomatoes can grow in a window. I am not sure if my herbs will survive long enough for me to make more than 1 batch of pesto and a mojito... but I do know that Mace Face is lovin' it... and for a moment my heart is satisfied. As well as my geen thumb.

Mrs. Thriftary

Monday Review

Prepare to be dazzled and amazed as I fill you in on the things I did this weekend.
I was a....

Photo: Compliments of THIS site

Well.. I am an official book clubber now :) This is the next pic for August's meeting. It has the potential to be very dark, but I have been told that since it is written from a 5-year old's perspective, the dark nature will be redeemed. I will keep you posted...
Photo: Compliments of THIS site 
Burley and I have walked past this bar a few times, and thought it looked amazing, but maybe a bit too pricey for us broke kids. However, on a lovely date night (I say it like that because I wore an outfit that made me want to say "lovely" in a british accent a lot... sorry no pictures... some evenings must remain sacred) there was a sign outside that said 2 for 1 drinks on Sundays! REALLY? They werent lying. We tried a couple of their specialty cocktails, at their swanky bar, and chatted with a lovely bar tender. All half price!
Helly my lovely Sunday tradition....

Now I am not what you would call a die-hard HP fan. I have only read books 1-3 and probably seen the first 2 movies partially on TV a few times. Before you start sending me hate mail, I will have you know I have nothing against it. I actually really like the series. I just have never taken the time to dive in. ANYWAYS, I am a huge fan of going to the movies by myself & I have found an incredible dine-in theater here in Denver. Cinebar (everyone should go... movies are $5 and they FEED you). So on Friday I ventured out with all the other 17 year olds and watched the final HP movie. I have to say... The kids are charming, the story line is exciting, and the action was great. I would tell anyone (HP fan or not) to catch this flick.
*** If I truly get hate mail over this I will be baffled, becuase that means that either my sister, mother, and/or best friend hate me. Thanks for readin' folks!

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There are pros and cons to being a goal-oriented person. Pro - you get things done. Con - you have to sign up for 5K races just to get your butt off the couch and make sure you hit the gym every day. The race is on August 14th. I hate running. BUT ITS GOING TO BE SO FUN AND I AM EXCITED! (those were my thighs talking)

All of the following items were purchased for under $25 - YES. Thank you, half-off Saturday.

 Canvas/Leather Purse - $3
White Jacket - $3
Sexy Sailor Dress with V-Cut Back - $7
White Braided Belt - $1
Sassy Yellow Shirt - $3
Black Lace Shirt - $3
White over-the-shoulder purse - $1
2 Amazing Silver Mirror Trays - $1.50/each

This last little number was no thriftstore find. This was a precious gift sent to me by my seester. It was in my mailbox when I got home from thrifitng on Saturday. It goes fantastically well with the things that I bought, and I wore it to the pool & dog park on Sunday. My, how my seester knows me.

PHEW! That is all... now back to the week-at-hand.

Mrs. Thriftary

Summer Favs

Hello world....  (handful of friends & the 1 person that found me by looking at my sister's blog favorites). Did you hear the news??! It's Friday!

I thought for a fun post today, I would share the things that I have been enjoying this summer with YOU! So that you can share the summer joy with OTHERS. And then everyone in the world will be liking all of the same things!!

... That just got wierd.
So here are a few of my favorite things. Feel free to comment with soeme of yours so we can all get in on the action!

I'm not talking any ol' braids here. I'm talkin' across the head, Im too cool for school braids.

Photo: Compliments of THIS site

Fennel & radishes are my new favorites. They are amazing sliced fresh on salads, roasted in the oven, crispy on top of other things... I mean... Delicious. And, they are low on the "sugar" scale of veggies.... so very good for you!

Photo: Compliments of THIS site & THIS site

When I get home sick here in the mile high city, I kick back with one of these puppies. I mean... I dont turn to alcohol... You know what I mean.

Recipe: 2 parts Absolut Peach Vodka, 1 part soda water, 1 part diet sprite.
Low on the calorie scale (for a liqua drank) and DELISH.

WARNING: they really aren't orange, they are clear... but I used this photo so you could get the picture... no pun intended.

"Shovels & Rope" is an incredbile album, featuring these 2 artists: Carry Ann Hearst & Michael Trent
Listen, love, jam out.
Photo: Compliments of THIS site
 Happy Friday!

Mrs. Thriftary

Alright folks... I finally got another project down that I have been thinking about for a while. Burley picked up this cool rope for me a while ago... I have wanted to do somethign with it for a good bit now. During a serious marathon of America's Next Top Model last night, I finally did :) I made some coasters!

Here are the things that you will need:
1. Sisal Rope
2. Glue gun and lots of glue sticks
3. A few fabrics of choice

The rest is honestly pretty simple... see!

First you will glue the end of your rope and fold it, about a quarter inch long, back onto itself. this will make sure that there isnt a hole in the middle of your coaster. Then, just start twisting and gluing (shown below)!
When you are finished twisting and gluing as you go, you will have something that looks like these...

You will then need to put hot glue all over the messiest side of your disc

Then, press down hard on the disc, with the glue adhering to the off-side of your fabric (that way you will get the good stuff showing in your final project)

Once you are through with cutting, you should get a final product that looks like this!

And this...

And this!

And this!

They would make the most perfect gifts ever... if you wrap them up like this :)

That is all!

Thrift on, Thriftarians!

Mrs. Thriftary,