DIY Breakfast Cereal

This stuff is so simple, its crazy. Full of fiber, protein and is a great way to start off your day with either milk or yogurt! For me, the recipe pretty much changes every time I make it, becuase I will use whatever nuts I have on hand. You can also mix in dried fruit if your Burley doesn't gag at the thought of it. I know that some people will use molsasses and/or honey to sweeten their cereal, and add sugar. In order to keep it lower in sugar (and use better sugars) I do way less molasses, and way more agave.

Then... it's so simple!
  1. Spread the oats out in a pan
  2. Crush up all the nuts you want to use and spread them over the oats
  3. pour about 2 tbsp molasses, 3 tbsp agave over the top
  4. Add some spices you like.. I usually use cinnamon and ground cloves... not too much though!
  5. Add a pinch of salt and 2 tbsp of butter to the top
  6. Put it in a preheated oven (425 degrees) for about 20 minutes or until you smell it!
  7. Take it out and let it sit (it always gets a little crispier while it sits, so be careful you dont burn it and THEN realize its REALLY burned (I have never done that).
  8. Put it in a jar... and eat!

 Mrs. Thriftary

Dot Coooooooooooooooooom

Hey Thriftarians -

Today is an exciting day here at club Thriftary (that's a new term... It just spilled out of me... It's not a club if you don't kick people out, and trust me, NO ONE get's kicked out... unless you are mean... Then maybe I'll kick you out and you can come back tomorrow).


Yesterday we released the official site!! Yes, it does simply redirect to as we all know and love, but don't you just feel more legit now? So do I.

So - In order to celebrate this exciting event, I have decided to share with you a little something I did over the weekend.

You may remember the pallet shelf that I made a while back. Well... I really loved that shelf. But even more so, the dresser it sits on, has been in my husband's family forever. It used to belong to Burley's great grandmother, Momma Jo.

I had repainted the dresser during college, when it was passed on to live in my apartment. Needless to say, I didnt have great taste in college. I painted it one flat red brick color and called it a day.

So, to my horror, this pallet shelf starts getting pinned all around the Pinterest atmosphere, as well as Momma Jo's dresser, that I have put to shame.

So this weekend - I needed to right my wrong. Saturday night, I made a pot of tea, turned on "The Proposal" and then a "Chopped" marathon, and I got to painting. Yea - I live a craaaaaazy life.

Ahhhh - deep breath and sigh of relief. This simple paint job has redefined our loft. Every day since, Burley and I will walk into our home and someone says "man... that dresser made all the difference." (OK... maybe Burley has said it once... but in my head it has multiplied to the point where he basically jumped on me kissed me a million times and said YOU ARE BRILLIANT WITH THAT PAINT BRUSH!!!! IT IS SO ATTRACTIVE!!!!).

my favorite part is the hardware. I painted the dresser Cream Delight by Valspar (The same as the bottom half of our walls). The hardware, I dry brushed with he same Valspar paint, and then wiped off with a paper towel. Then, I generously applied Martha Stewart's Sea Anemone to the hardware, and wiped THAT off with the paper towel, but left more on this time. (SIDE NOTE: Martha Stewart's Sea Anemone is one of the greatest paint colors to walk the planet - go get it and paint everything with it).

Then... TADA! The hardware is still light, fresh, true to its original state, but also gives a little pop of sea anemone when you walk buy. Who knew paint could do so much?

TAKE THAT PINTEREST. These pictures are now pinned. Please help me pass them around, and make the horrible red brick photo dissapear forever. Amen.
That's all folks. Happy Tuesday!

Mrs. Thriftary

Dun Dun Dun..... Today is the day folks. You will soon find out who is now the proud owner of the best giveaway prize ever!!!!



Kayleigh - Get very excited. These little teacup candles are so cute. Please dont keel over and die once you see them up close. It is a SERIOUS possibility.

You have 3 days to email me your information: and if I don't hear from you,  I will have to pass these little suckers onto the next winner!

Thanks so much for your participation, Thriftarians. The giveaway was so much fun, we will definitely be hosting another very soon.

Until then, happy Monday... Go do something nice for someone else.

Mrs. Thriftary

Thriftary Giftary: Day 5

Today is a very special day.
Today is the day where you can become an owner of a very special thing.
A thing that has never been owned by you before.
A thing that has never been owned by anyone ever in the entire world before.
The very first...

That's right folks! In the inspiring finale of Thriftary Giftary week, you can be come the proud owner of the very first Thriftary Giftary prize!

What is this prize, you say?

These precious teacup candles! That's right... the entire set of 3, shipped to your door, completely free!

All you have to do is follow 1 or all 4 of these steps! The more you get connected, the more times you are entered into the contest. So my suggestion would be to get VERY connected.

Make sure that you comment on this post and let me know just HOW connected you now are, this is the only way you will be entered into the final drawing. I wish I had the time to keep tabs on who is doing what... but I dont. So be sure to comment!

The contest opens at 1pm MT today and will run through the entire weekend, to close at 5pm MT on Sunday evening. The winner will be announced on Monday!!

So get going!!!

Mrs. Thriftary

Thriftary Giftary: Day 4

I can't believe it is already day 4!! Thriftary Giftary week is flying by!
OK - That is complete sarcasm. I was way in over my head when I told you that I would post different gifts every day... But I am glad I made the commitment, becuase it is intensely forcing me to let my creative juices flow.

Today is all about gifts you can give as a personalized wedding present. A lot of these things can be made, in addition to buying something off of a registry. In regards to weddings, never underestimate the registry. They are important becuase the bride and groom have flat out told you what they want! However, as Thriftarians, we know it can be painful to just walk in a store, buy a monogrammed towel and call it a day.

So... While browsing these homemade wedding gifts... Think of how you can incorporate them with a purchased item. For example, maybe the happy couple has registered for a french press.... You can make them some lovely teacup candles to accompany that gift, and add a very personal touch (NOTE: do not fill these with coffee. They are candles. It is a theme. Get it?). Or, if the happy couple has registered for a baking set (or even a KitchenAid if you're feeling really sassy and rich), you could make them a vintage cake stand to go along side! The possibilities are endless.

Since I have been forcing my creative chi this week... You should too. Let me know if you can come up with some other ideas of what/how to incorporate a DIY gift with a wedding registry item!

In the meantime... Here are today's wedded blisstary giftary...s

Nothing. You probably don't want to use your own dishes for this, since you are giving it away

Quick Grip Glue - $3 (or any other hard as nails type of serious, waterproof adhesive)
Plate - $0.99 at the thrift store
Candle Stick or Other Base Object - $2 at the thrift store

Spoon/Pens - To hold the wick in place
Pot - To boil water in
Stove/Water - Just saying... These are still tools. Don't take them for granted.

Crafy Candles Wax - $2.99/bag (pick your favorite color)
Wax Melting Bags - $3/box (you can also just use a recycled can as a double boiler if you are feeling lucky)
Wick - $2 for a spool
You can also purchase some essential oils if you would like
Teacups/Silver - $0.99/pop at the thrift store (the silver was more expensive, $4... But perfect for the occasion)

DISCLAIMER: This artwork was TOTALLY inspired by my friendsee over at Making Faces. She is amazingly creative AND takes incredible photos AND has 2 gorgeous and incredible boys AND did my makeup on my wedding day. Her husban'ds OK too. If you ever meet her, thank her for her inspiration to all. 

You may have a frame... If not, they are cheap at the thrift store. This one was $2
Paint - Just use whatever you have around the house (2 colors)\
Fabric - I used burlap because I'm obsessed. You can choose whatever coordinates with your paint

Silverware - $0.39/piece at the thrift store 

Now... Get all fancied up, head to that wedding, and dance the night away. You deserve it after creating such a beautiful masterpiece for the new bride and groom.

Mrs. Thriftary

Thriftary Giftary: Day 3

Moving right along folks... I thought today, being hump day and all, we could do a miscellaneous gathering of gifts... all celebrating our march towards fall! I have ripped off the one and only Martha Stewart here, because I think her tutorials are just perfect and easy to follow. Plus, she always gives templates to use, which are like my crack (the drug... not my butt)

Here they are!

HERE are the directions.
This thrifty project comes complete with the template to create these nifty little oak-leaves.
The best part, I think, is that you can make multiple leaves (as shown above) and wrap them with some twine to give as a beautiful decoration... OR you can make a large one and fill it with someone's favorite candy, seasonal thumbtacs for the office... etc.... so it can be a great gift for someone who is just an acquaintence as well!!!

HERE are the directions.

I dont know ANYONE in the whole world who wouldn't be impressed if you MADE them their very own slippers. These suckers would be an incredible gift for mom, MIL, sister, coworker, non-lingerie shower (or lingerie shower if you are anti-sexy), and or any of your male friends who happen to have a thing for slippers. You decide!

HERE are the directions.

The thing I love most about this giftary, is that you can add to it. I love when you can purchase something for cheap, and then make a personalized item to go with it. That's a true "wham bam thank you ma'am." So for these, why not head to your nearest antique store, pick up some ecclectic but coordinating tea cups and saucers, and then make a cute pair of tea towels? If you are a coffee lover, then obviously, these could be used for that purpose as well :) Nothing screams
Like coffee and tea.
At least for me.
Tee Hee Hee

OK I'm done.

So ther it is! the fall lineup!

Mrs. Thriftary