The Final Costumes

Hey Guys -

I am here to present to you, the final Halloween Costume results for 2K11.

True to form, Burley and I went out on Saturday, and threw our costumes together in the last 30 minutes before we left. He was such a trooper, as I didnt even tell him that I wanted to dress up until that time.

You may have been wondering all weekend... "WILL MRS. THRIFTARY RE-USE THE BEE COSTUME?!?!" I bet you were...

And the truth is... That I didnt.

But... Burley did :)

This is How it Went Down:

Me: "Burley - I think I want to dress up tonight"
Burley: "Really... What are you thinking?"
Me: "I dont know... we could be 80s rockers... red necks.. ketchup and mustard?"
Burley: "Oh... So I am included in this?"
Me: "Well... ya!"
Burley: "OK... I don't know if I can do ketchup and mustard..."
Me: "I feel dumb... nevermind. Now I'm insecure. Let's just forget it and go hangout"

Burley: "Babe... It's not dumb! Let's keep brainstorming"
Me: "No... It's fine. Seriously... let's just go"
Burley: "Executive decision: I am dressing up as the bee. You are dressing up as mustard. Go get dressed mustard! We gotta get going!"

And that, my friends, is what marriage is all about haha.

So we went. I was mustard... Burley was a bee.

The pictures above were taken on the train on our way to our friends' house. And I have to tell you... There is very little in this world that is sexier than a grown man being confident enough to wear a bumble bee outfit on public transportation, in order to make his wife smile. Can I get an amen?

I hope you all had a great halloween and that you planned ahead so that you didn't have to pout to your loved ones 30 minutes before your halloween parties (what a debbie downer...)

Also, in planning ahead... I hope that you came up with something much better than being a bee/mustard combination.

PS - Our friend told us, after seeing our costumes that I OBVIOUSLY should be pollen since Burely was a bee. So we rolled with that.


Mrs. Thriftary


So many things to do... and so little time left in October. Where did this month go?!

1. Followers FEST

First things first... Check out what we be doin'!


The long awaited Followers Fest is here! Click on over to 1 or all of the 4 ladies who are hosting this crazy meet up.
If you are visiting Thriftary a la Followers Fest... WELCOME! follow me and comment and I will be SURE to check out your stuffs. I love finding new blogs to drool over.

2. I've Been Featured!!!

My good friend Laina over at Recycled Interiors featured the latest "Goin' Mantel" project on her blog. I am so honored! Please go over, check it out, and show her blog some Thriftary lovin'

3. What to dooooooooo?

I am having a similar issue to Mae over at Two Hoots & a Holler.
I have no idea what to dress up as this weekend!

So first... go check out Mae's conundrum...

Now... Hear mine!
For the past 5 - 50 years I have dressed up as a bumble bee...

Here are a few examples...

2009 @ the Chicago Zoo
FYI: That is my ridiculously good looking husband, when he was my ridiculously good looking fiance. He thought I was cute even when I was pushing a stroller in a bee costume, with rain boots, in public.

2008 @ My parents' house. This was a rejected super hero party, and I played the part of "Buzz Kill" (hence the wings and machette). I walked around sulking and killing conversations with negative chi all night. You can think of me as Debbie Downer, but dressed as an insect with a weapon.
Burley's superhero was "The Flash." 'nuff said.

Now... I DID bring the bee costume to Denver, but I feel like turning over a new leaf. I want something more! something new! something different!

Any ideas?

Mrs. Thriftary
Hey Guys - I am really excited to share this project with you! I have been working on it for 2 weeks, finally got it all setup last night.

As you may know, I posted back in June (CLICK HERE) about how much I wanted a faux fireplace. I was mourning the loss of our wood burning fireplace in our old bunaglow, and knew that at LEAST I needed a proper ledge to hang our stockings on come Christmas time.

I have been keeping my eye out on for a very long time, but the mantels were either $100 and have NO character whatsoever, OR they were $500-$700 and gorgeous and huge and WAY out of my budget.

But I was patient...

Then finally... One day a few weeks ago the perfect mantel popped up. And the post literally said "looking for a good home... someone who will take care of this gorgeous antique." ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

Burley and I went to pick it up from a really awesome lady... I should have gotten her digits and planned a play date. She moved here from Lousiana, and this puppy survived hurrican Katrina with her, and made it all the way here to CO. She said she had wanted to do something cool with it for a long time, but didn't have the space or the time, so she was glad that I was going to put it to good use. It only cost us $90!!!

Fate? I think so. 

So here is the project. I also included a "How - To" for glazing... which I have posted a lot about before, but have never given the steps on my methods. So.... ENJOY!

*** POST ADDITION: Thanks to a question Laina over at Recycled Interiors, I am adding some info on the type of glaze that I use for all of my projects. Here it is! I get it at Lowes.


And now for more pictures of the process & final product...

Do you love it?! I am obsessed. Last night, I sat in bed with a few candles lit on the mantel... And I fully intended to turn the TV... but I forgot becuase I was staring at this finished project. Haha. I am sick.

Happy Wednesday,
Mrs. Thriftary

I am coming home!

Hey guys - I am headed home from a crazy fast trip up to MA to see my folks this weekend. Too quick... That's for sure. Here are a few pics, as I sit here in Milwaukee, WI waiting for my plane...

Oh brother...

Thriftarians - new FREE music alert. My brother has made his hot new song availalbe to you for a FREE download!!! Go check it out. I have had it on repeat since it war released on Monday.

Click Here to get the download!!

He is pretty cool... as you can see here:
And here...

Go check him out. He is an honorary Thriftarian, by blood. So you have to.

Mrs. Thriftary

Theres... Something on the wing...

Hey Guys!

Busy today with an AWESOME new project that I can't wait to share. And it's just in time for the warm weather!!

Stay tuned for pics on this really fun addition to the loft!

Sneak Peakeroni:

Mrs. Thriftary

Suprise! I bet you didn't know that today would be a grand celebration. Why? Because I was born today, 38 years ago.

Sike! I'm not 38. And today is not my birthday.

Today I wanted to celebrate because Friday's post was my official 100th post!!!!!

It feels like just yesterday... Thriftary was just a dream in my head and a song in my heart... All we had were a few pennies in our pocket and a will to survive...

Are you gagging yet? I tried...

In all seriousness... I just wanted to THANK YOU all for reading, following, commenting and doing all those web things that you do to make me feel a little bit more valuable and heard in this world. I really have loved pushing myself to stay accountable to offering some worth-while content, a few laughs (at least for myself) and an artisitc way to make it all come together.

I tried to think of a Thriftary way to thank you all via the interweb... Something that is free but thoughtful. And this, is what I came up with.

Ladies and gentlemen... I give you... for one night only...

Not becuase of demand, but because that is all we can afford because these guys are so awesome...
(View with carnival music in the background... like "dun dun dananana dun dun dananana")

Get it while it's hot, because these guys are going viral!!!!

I hope you guys think this as funny as I do. I have been laughing all morning.

And there you have it folks. 100 posts. 100 thoughts. 100 times you have read my thoughts (ish). Here's to another 100!!!

Mrs. Thriftary

Friday: Desssert!

On this lovely Friday, I thought I would share with you a little treat!
This is a dessert that I made a few weeks ago. It is low GI and has healthy fats/carbs... altogether it is about 250 calories, 23 carbs, 9 fats and 10 proteins. Not too bad for a delicious, sweet, creamy dessert, eh??

Also - it takes about 5 minutes :)

  1. Slice up the plum (or really, whatever fruit your prefer) and place it in a pan on med. heat for about 5 minutes, until it starts to caramelize.
  2. Place 1/2 cup of part-skim ricotta cheese, 1 tbsp of vanilla extract, and about 1.5 tbsp of Agave Nectar into a food processor, and blend until creamy.
  3. Put the ricotta mixture into a cup, top with the caramelized fruit, and add cinnamon to finish it off!

Seriously delicious... and seriously guiltless.

Happy Friday Thriftarians!

Mrs. Thriftary
Hey guys! Today I entered this sweet giveaway over at Tatertots & Jello - for a $50 giftcard to homegoods. I have had a need (in a bad way) for a couple table lamps for a long time, and this would be perfect! I really like these simple/classy/roundish lamps in the pic below...

But who knows what will inspire me if I get to go with 50 free dollars!!!

Go over and check it out. If you haven't already seen Jen's site... BEWARE. You will be there for a while.

Mrs. Thriftary

Hey Guys - It feels like it has been a while!

I had Burley's whole fam dam in town this week and it was so much fun that I forgot that I had a computer and a blog!!! How awesome is that?

But alas - Here I am and I have missed you.

Today I wanted to share a little treat that Burley and I found in the loft as we were cleaning up in preparation for Denver Family Vacay 2K11.

So in the water heater room that is tucked away in the closet above my office in our storage area, we found what we like to find a creepy time capsul. Some of the stuff was awesome...

Like this cool map of "Peoples of the World" (love the phrasing)

And then we found these awesome newspapers. The Colorado Daily, out of Boulder, CO & Maximum RockNRoll. A lot of them were from 20-30 years ago. Really fun! I have a few projects in mind for these puppies, and I will be sure to post when I decide what to do with them!

Then there were some gross things.... such as this FOOD! That is right, some middle-eastern cake of sorts. No it did not have mold (what is this miracle food made out of??) and no we didnt eat it. GROSS! But Macey did get a lick, and she didn't look too excited about it.

Anyone know what language this is??

And finally the grossest of all, these classy foreign Playboys. These were handled with gloves and immediately removed from the premesis.

Hence, the "creepy" time capsul :)

I left this one smaller, because no one wants these puppies blown up in their face. Unless you are the creepy time capsul owner, then I would say to start checking all the dumpsters behind some Denver lofts, and help yourself.

And there you have it! All the contents of a creepy time capsul found in the water heater closet.

Mrs. Thriftary