Blog Design: Love, Life, and Louboutins

Hey Thriftarians -

Suprise! with all the flight time I have gotten in the past two weeks, I was able to wrap up a super fun and chic blog design, for the ever fun and chic Danielle of Love, Life, and Louboutins.

Go on over and check it out!! Meanwhile... Show Danielle some love becuase she is an amazing writer, is a fellow jet-setter with a million stories and photos to boot, has a super cute cat, and at the risk of being obvious, wears really, really, REALLY cute shoes.

If you are bored with your blog, or have been considering starting a blog, email me! I would looooooooove to help you bring your design vision to the interweb. It is just the most fun in the whole entire world for me.

You can check out my rates HERE.


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