Matha’s Vinyad


No – I didn’t’ misspell that. That’s just a little taste of how the locals call the place that I had the best weekend of my life.

I can finally share one of the greatest secrets of all time.

My mom has been planning a secret getaway for my sister’s 30th birthday (sorry Linds, the cat’s out of the bag!) since Christmas. I have NEVER been able to keep such an exciting secret to myself. But this one was just too good to spoil.

And then… three weeks before the big weekend getaway. MY SISTER GOT ENGAGED!!!! WHAT THE HECK!!!? THIS COULDN’T GET ANY BETTER!!!

It was planned perfectly (kudos mom, major kudos).

Lindsay would be surprised on her birthday with a ticket to Boston, where she was told she would enjoy a lovely mother/daughter weekend.

Once she arrived, my other sister and I would surprise her at the airport in some extravagant way… (one of the ideas we had was a small flashmob – two of us - where we would paint each other like the Gotye video and just confuse the heck out of her… I don’t know why we didn’t do this…)

She would then think that would be the only surprise.


The next morning we would go to breakfast with my dad, when our secret agent aunt Sue would then pack all our bags and pick us up, saying we would be going on a day trip.

We would then head to the Martha’s Vineyard ferry… and BAM!!! GIRLS WEEKEND ON THE ISLAND!!!!


Well… my poor sister missed her flight out on the first night due to a monster that stole her license and car and money and clothes… so she ended up arriving on Friday morning instead of Thursday night. (I could tell you the real reason, but I promise its not as interesting as said monster).


My aunt and sister and I headed to the ferry by ourselves (pictures to follow… spoiler alert… WE DROVE OUR CAR ONTO A BOAT!). My mom went to the airport to get my sister.

Heretoforeto… The surprise ended up being better than anticipated. I mean… once my sister got on the ferry, all possibilities of other people joining her were out the window.

Little did she know we were on the island, at a restaurant, waiting for her arrival in full birthday hat/sunglass attire, crouching in a corner, because fate lead my mom and sister right past the picture window we were sitting in front of (close call!).

The surprise was glorious. The weekend was glorious. It will forever be a most precious memory in my heart.

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure…

The Suprise

Yup… That was the moment that all the secrets came out. I get giddy just looking at pictures. Take me back!!

The Ferry

Like I said… we drove our car… ONTO A BOAT!! It was unreal and everyone should have this experience at least once.

The Sisters

bday girl copyGroup copy

hats copy

dancing copy

This shop had very loud latin music playing. Not just one song. Like… a whole album. How can you resist? here I was teaching my mom some moves. The narration went something like this…

“Linnnnnnnnnnnnnger, step! Linnnnnnnnnnnnnnger, step!”

And now… Some more highlights…

lighthouse copyMarthas Vineyard copy

The shop owner took this photo for his website. I don’t see it up yet, so you should probably go email him and tell him that you want our photo posted.

profile copyshelly copy

I mean… I have the cutest mom in the whole world. Just sayin’

chickens copy

My Pepere built this coop… It was so inspiring. He is like a machine that never stops building. He saved us some eggs so that we could get the thrill of picking them out of the coop when we got there. Thanks Pepere! Love you!

clark house copy

This is where we stayed! So quaint and perfect… There are many stories to tell but we just don’t have the time… and I would have to censor them which is never fun.

jump copy

Some may say I have mad ups.

mom copy

Some may say I love my mother.

telegraph copykitchen copy

There was also a big surprise party for my sister on Sunday night at my Aunt Jen’s house. She blew this party out of the WATER!!! Amazing cocktails, gorgeous decorations, and delicious apps. She knows how to throw one MEAAAAAAAN party. Thanks aunt Jen!

And that’s all I have for today guys. I don’t think I could do this weekend justice via a MILLION photos and a MILLION words. It was just the best. Glorious.




  1. amazing!!! love the pics and LOVE the red hair! So glad y'all had fun! xx

  2. Can I tell you how much I miss your family like crazy!!!! I am so happy for Lindsay! It looks like y'all had a great time!

  3. WOW!!! You have the SWEET life Maddie! Jealous:)) Looks like a wonderful time was had by all!Deidre~