Hey Guys!!!

I know yesterday I said that Burley would be gracing us with his presence/answers today... But we are packing to leave for our super-fun-cant-wait trip to Boston, and I just don't think that is any mood to be answering your questions in. I mean... What if he's mean to you!? I don't even know what I would do with myself.

SO... While we are on the plane today... I promise to get some real, candid, down and dirty answers from Burley on your awesome questions. I promise... It is better this way...

In the meantime... Want to see what I packed?

That's right...

You thought you were going to get the "inside scoop" on something Thriftary today... And you are. Indeed you are. But literally, you are the inside, in my suitcase. You are inside my suitcase. Starting.... Now.

Hat from Target, Clutch from H&M, Shorts from H&M, Shirt was thrifted, 
Shoes from Target, Necklace is homemade

Hat from Target, Bag from H&M, cardigan from H&M, Shirt from TJ Max, 
Pants from TJ Max, Shoes from Target, Necklace from F21

Shirt from Target, Bag was Thrifted, Sandals from Target, Shorts from H&M, 
Necklace from a Boutique in Cape Code

Dress from H&M, Necklace from a Boutique in Cape Code, Shoes from Target, 
Clutch from H&M, Peach Absolut just looked like another appropriate accessory

Shirt was Thrifted, Bag was Thrifted, Shoes from Target, 
Pants from TJ Max, Glasses from Coastal.com, Earrings from F21

Shirt from Target, Skirt/Belt from Target, Sandals from Target, 
Purse was Thrifted, Necklace from F21

So now you know a few of the secrets from my suitcase:
* I buy everything from the same three stores, and thrift everything else
* I buy shoes from Target and that's about it
* Bags are my favorite things to thrift
* I can't get enough of the mint/coral
* I am trying to sneak peach Absolut onto the plane

And that is it!!

I hope you guys have a THRILLING Thursday... and be sure to check back tomorrow, because YOU may be the lucky winner of the Just Fab Giveaway!!!



  1. So excited for you and Burley for your trip!!! Still missing Manna time, love you both! <3 Anna

  2. I did this before I left for the Caribbean & found it oh so helpful! LOVELY outfits! My post found here: http://sewmuchsunshine.blogspot.com/2011/12/gift-that-keeps-giving-all-year-long.html

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  4. Adorable outfits!! Absolut-ly love the Absolut accessory ;-)
    (I deleted my previous comment which included a question about Ask Burley. I found my answer and felt awfully silly, so deleted. Thank you.)

  5. Haha - MIL, you kill me. Can't wait to share Burley's oh-so-wise replies with you! and Nicole, This was the first time I did this and MAN was it helpful. Definitely a new packing technique.