New House Update

…I have a message for you.

She’s been dying to say that.

I hope you guys all had a MAHVALOUS Memorial Day, full of celebration. Burley and I had breakfast and Boston with our family and then spend the day traveling back to the lovely state of Colorado.

We then ordered Chinese food and pigged out while catching up on Modern Family and Up All Night.

So we are just re-grouping over here at camp Thriftary (from both the travel and Chinese)

I will have some awesome photos to share with you this week of our trip to Boston where we got to celebrate, site-see, and spend some super quality time with family. Just can’t beat it.

But for today, I thought I would divulge some progress on the house!

A while back I shared with you a photo tour of our current home in Denver, Co. 2 Weeks ago I was able to share some progress photos on the back yard… Since we have moved in about 3 months ago, I have had to leave town approximately 7-8 times, so the progress has been rather… slow.

But we are getting there.

And today I have some progress to share in the living room!

This has been and will be an ongoing shift, because it is our main living space. And I literally have 8 million ideas of things I would like to do in here, while I sit down to watch tv or read and “unwind” as some are able to do.

But without further ado… Here are the befores…

And here are the afters/current state of our living area.

Ah… Sigh of relief.

It is definitely at a point now where I walk in the door and feel settled and satisfied. That is a really good point for me.

Let me know what you think!



  1. What a cute house!! And you've done such an amazing job decorating! Can I please hire you??

  2. you've done a great job with the place! your bakers rack is SO cute.

  3. Thanks so much, Jessi!!! Hahaha I would a) love to meet you in person and b) work for you. Period.
    Lori - Thanks so much! That Bakers rack was my desk in college, my food pantry, a book shelf, and now a bar. Hilarious. And totally worth the $50 I spent on it in good ol' Milly!

  4. stellar! that painting above your couch is beautiful. i really love all the electic pieces, and that we have the same record player. :)