Pray for Abi

For a while now, I have been keeping you updated on the wherabouts of my niece, Abiella.

My brother and sister (technically sister-in-law, but we don't use that term... it's too... not true) have been journeying on the road to adoption for over two years now. You can read more about that on my sister's blog.

Well, long story short, there has been a lot of ups and downs and false alarms when it comes to finally going to court, and the latest news is that they are headed back to Africa, to stand before a judge, and plead their case as to why they would want to adopt a special needs child from Ghana.

I wish I could have called the judge and told him myself as to why these beautiful people and their beautiful daughter were made to be a family, but alas, the courts wouldn't allow it.

The journey has been painful to watch and support. I can only imagine what it has been like to be in their shoes. A truly unbelievable season of waiting, hoping, trusting, believing, and waiting.

All this to say, my brother and sister are en route to Ghana as I type, and they need your prayers.

Prayers that the court date would happen and be successful.
Prayers that they get to see Abi.
Prayers that they get to hold her and kiss her and smell her and cuddle her enough to hold them over until she get's to come home.
Prayers that the physical contact would touch Abi deeply so that she knows she is loved and wanted and missed.
Prayers that when they leave Ghana, their daughter will share their last name, and be on the last leg of her journey to the states and into her parents' arms.

I can't wait to hold my niece. I think about her all the time. This week, could you join us in doing the same, and maybe shake the heavens to make make mountains move and bring her home?

We would be so appreciative.

Two Hoots & a Holler


  1. praying right now ♥ just went to your sister's blog and read her posts about Abi as well I hope that all goes well! My little brothers are both special needs and it's a whole different kind of wonderful blessing :) it's amazing to get to be blessed with God's angels

  2. All my love and prayers to your sister, her hubby, and their very soon-to-be amazing special little girl.

  3. i will absolutely be praying for your sweet niece and your bro and sister in law as well!