Today is the day! Are you excited?


I have had such a blast with this giveaway... Mostly because I am REALLY excited to giveaway such an awesome deal.

I could go on and talk about other things now, to try and build the suspense... But we're adults. Adults don't do that.


OK the truth is I'm rambling and I apologize.

To the point...




That's right! You! LORI!

I happen to personally know Lori (I promise... the drawing is random... aka Burley scrolls and I point). She also happens to run a SUPER cute blog over at A Crazy Walk on the Safe Side (she married a cop... GET IT?!)... So you should go check it out... And congratulate her for winning a $39.99 credit to Just Fab!!

That was fun.

If you didn't win. Don't cry. I promise to have more giveaways heading your way soon.

Thanks again for all of your participation this week. I just love to know who is out there so that I can stalk  you thank you over and over again for reading my little blog in a big blog world.

I hope you guys have a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend. I am currently living it up in Boston, and can't wait to recap with you next week.



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  2. ahhhh! thank you, maddie! i am so, SO excited! this totally just made my week. please let me know what i need to do now :) my email is :)