DIY Lace Boot Socks

First off, let me just say thank you guys. I seriously have never shared my own heart music before this blog (accept for one time I did a rando show in a really small GA town as a headliner, but didn't tell anyone including my family and fiance, Burley). That is how awkward I am. Painfully.

I should probably share that full story with you some time.

But seriously. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind words. It is really encouraging, and it is a pleasure to have this platform to share my music with you.

And now onto today's programming...

I am on a DIY roll over here. I think it is the early sundowns, my daily red whine nightcap (don't tell my diet) and the fact that Burley has been working all hours on the ambulance. Or maybe it's the onset of the holiday season, and the fact that one of my favorite memories of the holidays is staying up late on my mom's bed, watching lifetime movies, while she did all of her Christmas projects and made our gifts. Gosh. That's enough to just melt my heart over and over again. I am definitely am not weeping.

Regardless of why, It's exciting that I get to share all the products with you! Hopefully between last week's DIY Recycled Leather Leaf Necklace, today's lacey boot socks, and some other really fun upcoming projects, you will get a few ideas to give your loved ones for the holidays as well!

So I have seen two posts in the past month that inspired me to make a pair of these puppies. Ashley was sporting a lacey boot sock pair during a killer giveaway and Bekuh was showing off an amazing DIY on her blog for an ankle sock version. Both of which, I thought, were SUPER cute. So, I decided to make a pair that was a happy mix of the two.

And BAM. I am a bit obsessed with how they turned out. 

To start off... Make sure you measure your calf with the LACE. This is really important. I had to do this project TWICE because I didn't have the brilliant thought that my leg got larger towards the middle. duh.

So put the sock on, measure your calf with the lace, at the point where your sock hits your leg.

Then, size the cardboard to fit that length of the lace. Then, streeeeeeetch your sock over the cardboard. This will make sure that once you release it, it will still be able to stretch to the size you need.

Now that the sizing is correct, you can pin your lace into place. You will want to make sure that the lace is a bit too long for the sock. This will give you some wiggle room so that you can gather, pucker, and all of that jazz, without running out of lace before you finish.

Now, stitch away! I used longer stitches to tack my lace onto the sock, that that there would be more room to gather and pull a bit. I then went back around and added some strengthening stiches to ensure that the sock would last a while without losing its flare. I am not a seamstress, so this could be incorrect. But the final result looked so cute, that I don't even care haha.

Tada! You love 'em, right? I know. Me too. I can't wait to make more!!! I used more lace than I had anticipated when I was quickly doing bad math at the Hobby Lobby fabric cutting counter. Next time I will get 2 or 3 yards at a time, so that I can make multiple pairs in a  row. I used 1 yard this time, and had some left over, but not enough for round 2. 

You will probably notice that I also show buttons in my "items you will need" shot, which I didn't end up liking on these socks, but you better believe I will find the perfect ones to bedazzle my next pair.

Do you believe that my crafts are a work-in-progress, now? Hahaha. I basically just told you that everything I planned for this project either had to be re-worked, or left out. There you have it. And it's just a pair of socks.

Yea. I am so in love. I gave this pair away (more to come on who the lucky recipient was) but can't wait to make some more for MOI.

TTFN friends. Happy Monday.


  1. Super cute! I would've definitely forgotten to measure my calf, so thanks for that reminder hahaha. :D

  2. Stop being so stinking cute all the time!!! .. and yes, watching ,movies on moms bed ... treasure
    Lindsay D

  3. Such a cute idea! Definitely adds some pizzazz!

  4. I wish I could say the awkward goes with time. It doesn't. At least for me! <---- Queen Awkward.

    Besides, I love these socks! I'm not so good with DIYs but I think I could swing this.

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE These!!! I NEED some of these in my life!!

  6. OMG Love this and have been wanting to try something like this. Thanks for the post, lovin' it!

  7. Very nice! Where are the original socks from. They are fab!
    I've never commented before but really enjoy your blog. Thanks for a refreshing read.

  8. These socks are sooo cute! Love the blog :D

  9. cute idea!

  10. These are SO cute! I have seen them online a few times but haven't wanted to pay for them! Great DIY!

  11. Well, I will share with my friends about this.


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