DIY: Recycled Leather Leaf Necklace

Hey Thriftarians! It's Thursday, eh? Well I think that calls for a really awesome DIY tutorial that ALSO helps me get 1 step closer to my goal of 6 Things with Fabric Scraps.
Two birds with 1 stone is my FAVORITE.

So for today... I have this sick necklace, which is a surprisingly easy piece of jewelry to make at home!
The story goes like this... I was at brunch a few weekends ago and my friend Molly was wearing this necklace. I said "Gosh Molly - I love your necklace!" She said "Thanks Maddie - I got it on Etsy"

The seed was planted.

So the following week, when I went to the Zero Landfill event and found this pack of real leather scraps... I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to do with it. Lucky for me, I hopped on Pinterest and searched "leather necklace DIY" and BAM. The stinkin' necklace popped up, compliments of Chloe at Little Livingstone!

And here, is how I made it!

I first got all my supplies together, and took a cute photo of them. Duh.
Then, I made a stencil out of cardstock for the leaves. They are about 2in long and 1in wide.
Next, I scored the leaves into a sheet of my leather scraps.

Then, I simply cut them out with fabric scissors!

Next, I used some very heavy duty craft glue (Amazing GOOP by Craft Arte) and dabbed it into the middle of the leaf and pinched it shut. So, regular super glue doesn't work as well on fabric as does this heavy duty craft glue. BUT, the bad part is that this craft glue takes about 10 minutes to really harden, so I found a way around holding each piece for 10 minutes...


Once you have all of the singular leaves pinched and glued, you can start laying them, one on top of the other, curve on bump, bump on curve. It's like grinding at a middle school dance, but with less hormones and more precision.

Then, you are ready to connect the hardware! I purchased this gold chain and the jewlery crimps from Hobby Lobby (50% off - what what!). The piece I was missing was one gold ring on each side to connect the crimp to the chain. So I just jacked some off of an old lonely pair of earrings I never wear anymore.

And voila!

Now you can hang it on a gorgeous door handle, or lay it on a white canvas and take a macro shot of it for your blog!

Or, if you're cool. You can just wear it.

I am going to now go make 100 million more of these. See you soon later.



  1. this is so cute! you're so creative and crafty!

  2. Adorable! I love when I look at something and immediately think: I can make that, and then I actually follow through! Well done! :)

  3. Haha, best DIY instructions ever :) I love the way this turned out, great use of scraps!

  4. gorgeous- perfect as holiday gifts!! my girlfriends would love this.