Get the Bug... It Fits You!

So... where were we...

Oh. Yes! The whirlwind. That's where we were. I was going to fill you in on the whirlwind. 
Well. Though the work week is busy, and I have been traveling a good bit, most of the whirlwind is internal, so I'll spare you that shaz.

Ill just fill you in on the fun stuff.

Tuesday afternoon I left beautiful Denver and landed in lovely Atlanta. I headed to my hotel, and right before I pulled in, I realized I was hella hungry. So, like any working woman on the road, I pulled into TGIFridays. No. I didn't want to. Yes. It was the only thing open that wasn't Taco Bell.


So I sat at the bar.. ordered food and a vodka soda... giggled at texts from my funny husband who was explaining in full detail what he thought people were thinking of me as the lonely woman at the bar with a bluetooth in my ear. No. I didn't have a bluetooth in my ear. but you get the picture, right?

Next day... 9-5, and dinner with one my most favorites. 
Next day... 9-5, and then drop the rental car OFF and pick up another car to head to NASHVILLE.

SIDE NOTE: I walk out into the garage to pick up my car, show the 18 year old girl my receipt, and she says "You can pick any car from that row there." After having been stuck in traffic, without talking,  for about 2 hours, I was feeling saucy and chatty, so I reply with a "OOOooOOOoo this is exciting! Which one do you think I should choose?!" thinking.. "she will obviously tell me to pick this hot white car with tan exterior, because that is OBVI was Beyonce would choose"

But no...

She points at a SILVER VW BUG and says "that one. It fits you"

I am so mad. What do I look like to you?! An Oompa Loompa?! An Ewok?! GRRRRRRRRrrr"

So mad.

Anyways... other important things...

Somewhere in the middle there, my niece was BLESSED with an early surgery opportunity to get her G-Tube inserted, but sadly she has to be in the hospital overnight as she is monitored. 

So, I am currently sitting in my brother and sister in law's house... missing them while smelling their shirts and cuddling with their dogs. Hahaha just kidding. But seriously... Half of that is true... And I will let you decide which half.

1 | Sweaters. 'Nuff said 2 | Revlon's "Fall Mood"... yum 3 | I wrote this song. And if you are wondering like a couple of you have asked... No. It's not about me and my husband. Come on guys. I wouldn't lie to you about my pure marital bliss! 4 | Dog park days. Keep em comin'! 5 | DIY necklace? Yes please 6 | These are my feet 7 | This is sugar free hazelnut creamer. This is in my belly any morning that I am home 8 | This is an art project I am working on. Final photos to come! 9 | This is a really exciting project Burley and I are working on. More to come! 10 | My brother's new album, "Midland" was released. Go buy it! 11 | Leopold's Apple Whiskey. I won't quit you. 12 | Macey. You have my heart 13 | Trip is planned Ready to go! 14 | A long line of cars. Waiting for my first Dunkin Donuts of the trip. A very VERY important moment for this girl 15 | MY BROTHER'S SONG WAS ON THE HIT SHOW, NASHVILLE ON ABC. Catch the replay! The song is called "Kiss" - I seriously COULDNT be more proud 16 | Hotel room R&R 17 | "JOY" - Pumpkin Coffee from... Seriously? You have to ask? Dunkin Donuts y'all 18 | AAaaah. Relax. Nashville.

And that's about it, guys! Seriously. I'm thankful for my life. I am thankful for the ability to come down to Nashville and see my family/meet my niece. I am so thankful to have a job that pays the bills. 

I am thankful that next week I am going to eat. so. so. much. 


  1. Praying for Abi!! :) And smiling for the "JOY" Pumpkin Coffee!

  2. Haha, I drive a bug. It's got a stick shift, and that's the only thing it's going for it... darn thing's falling apart. p.s...... that nail polish is fabulous!

  3. I love so many things about this post. And laughed out loud and scared my kitten about that girl telling you to get the Bug. Hmm...anyway, yay for travel, your brother's success, your niece, your dunkin addiction, that nail polish, that pup, and using lumineers lyrics in a project - cannot wait to see it! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  4. Hope you are having a blast in hometown! Congrats on your brothers song!

  5. Haha! I think I'd be insulted if I was told a bug fits me too! Hope you're enjoying your time in Music City + seeing family :)

  6. bahahah... only cuz VW Bugs are unique, quirky, adorable and fun. Smelling their shirts and cuddling the dogs... I love you. Gosh, you make me chuckle.