Shameless Request: Elsie & Emma, Pick Me!!

OK. Prepare yourself.

There is a SICK giveaway going on over at A Beautiful Mess.
Wait, you haven't heard of A Beautiful Mess? What's that? You've been living under a rock?


Seriously. There is an AMAZING giveaway going on and you MUST ENTER. 
Well... Come to think of it, that may lessen my odds of winning EVERYTHING OF MY DREAMS. 
But... Perhaps it's too late now. Oh well. I'll share the goods, I suppose.
Plus, I already made the sweet photo collage below, and I can't let THAT got to waste.

What is it with the CAPS LOCK toDAY?

So the rules of the giveaway are that you have to let Emma and Elsie know what items you would pick from all of their amazing giveaway hosts. 

And without further ado... Here are my choices.

Yes. All this is true. And I want to win. And if not, I hope that you guys all take the hint and send me lovely packages for my birthday and for Christmas (December 20th and December 25th respectively... WHAMMY!).

There go those CAPS again. Geesh!

Well. I am going to go have myself an AMAZING Friday. And you should do the same. Because you are my friends and I like you. A lot. 

This just got real.

Oh yea... I am running a half marathon on Saturday morning. Pray for me.



  1. Those embroideries are too stinkin' cute!


  2. You've got my prayers! You'll do great. Which half marathon you doin?

    Also, LOVE Elsie and Emma!


  3. Haha, I think the rules are that you pick one favorite from one of the stores but visit them all. ;p AND the winner is randomly selected. However, your enthusiasm is kinda awesome. I will say NO you are not allowed to win because I want to win! ;p