T.H.A.N.K.F.U.L. and the other Maddie

I am coming down from a food coma. Scratch that. I am still in a food coma, and I am writing you from said coma.

I have some info to give you.

Recently, I met another Maddie. That's right! Another M-A-D-D-I-E

And truth be told... She is really cool. Hopefully you have enough like in your heart to like us both equally. Because, if you have to choose just one of us... I may lose you forever.

Maddie and I (still feels weird to say/type) decided a bit ago to send each other a wintery wonderland care package. Things form around the house or REALLY cheap to share with each other. 

So a couple weeks ago I got this puppy in the mail!

It was so stinkin' sweet. 

1) A book and a magazine for reading
2) A card for writing
3) Fabric for sewing
4) Fudge for eating

The sad part was that my dog got to the "Fudge for eating" part, before I did. DANGIT MACEY!!!

I am so pumped to get to my reading and sewing and writing! I will have to find some other type of chocolaty goodness in order to makeup for the lost fudge incident.

You guys need to head on over to Maddie's blog right now. She is pretty much a sewing guru and everything she does is SUPER inspiring. Get this... She makes her own freaking sewing patterns. Who does that?! Geniuses I tell ya... Geniuses! Glad to call her my friend in blogosphere.

OK guys... Comin' back atcha soon with some SICK giveaways and photos from all of the holiday fun so far!! Can't wait to share and give YOU a chance to win big!!



  1. This is so cute! Love the photos you took as well.

  2. I'm so sorry that I'm just seeing this now (on Saturday). My family has been in town for the week/weekend and it's been hard to keep on the blog. I love it that we met and I hope we have more collabs in the future. Be on the lookout for some additional (and better) 'this and that's' in the mail soon!

  3. I love it!!!! Im going to check her out now... dont worry though, I bet shes amazing, but your my seester!!!!

    Lindsay D!

  4. I know Maddie! In fact, I think I met her by clicking on her button on your sidebar...so thanks for connecting us.

    We struck up an email correspondence, and I can attest to her kindess. (In fact, just mentioned that in my post today: http://thethinkingcloset.wordpress.com/2013/01/25/5-pearls-of-wisdom-from-5-different-bloggers/)

    Anyway, you both are such awesome chicks, it's no wonder that you sent each other packages of CARE. (I love it when bloggy friendships break the virtual reality barrier and meet face to face or voice to voice or package to package. It's magic.)

    Okay, that's all. Have a great freakin' weekin'!