That Time I Ran 13.1 ... ish

This weekend, was really fun.
I ran my second half marathon of 2012. 

The funny part was that I trained hard for the first one in May. 
REALLY hard.

This time... My training was a bit more... How do I say... nonexistent. 
I have been running... a little. 
And I have been going to Crossfit.
So in terms of being healthy and strong... CHECK!
In terms of being prepared to run 13.1 miles in 50 degree weather in higher elevation than the mile high city?... OPPOSITE OF CHECK!

Nonetheless... Sarah Grace and her super loving and supportive husband, August, picked up my tired behind and my tired, loving, and supportive husband at 6:00am. We drove out to Loveland, CO and signed in for the half.

We waited in the car as the sun came up, and we tried to keep warm waiting for the starting line.

And then.. the sun came up... and we began.
Prepare yourself for a montage of my ability to remain super dorky cool while over-exherting energy, and SG's ability to be super cute all the time.

Mile 8:
SG - The gazelle
Maddie - The teeny tiny baby step jogger
SG & Maddie - No longer running together

And then the finish!!!!
SG - KILLED it and finished while there were so many people there to cheer her on.

And then, Maddie. Oh, and that other girl? That's my pal Ashley I met along the way. We were fellow tiny baby step joggers who slow poked our way to the finish line and complained about shin splints and stress fractures to keep us 'distracted' from the pain of our non-prepared bodies failing us with every step. If you are smart, you will check out the time on the clock. Yes. That is 2 hours 37 minutes and 58 seconds. If you do your math correctly, that is an average of a 13.5 minute mile. SCORE.

Haha. This was such a fun memory. Kudos to SG who finished her first half with her head held high. She seriously... killed it at 2 hours and 15 minutes. NICE!

Overall... I am really proud of my first half this year in May, and really proud of my early Saturday workout that I had this weekend haha. 

Such a great memory. 

And if you are having trouble reading these signs that our amazing husbands made us, here they are:

"Keep up the pace, Sarah Grace"
"Go Maddie: Clear eyes, full heart, can't lose!"

Yup. They are the best.

Happy Monday, Thriftarians. If my tale of trial and triumph today has inspired you, I would be surprised, and I would also suggest using this 12 week half marathon training guide should you choose to run your own!. But, be sure to stick to it. When followed, it works like a charm. When it is ignored... Well... Start reading this post over again.

I am going to go ice my ass now.



  1. you still did it maddie. well done. had a run like that in june-was quite demotivatng-but hey-you did it. x

  2. Wow, that's so awesome you did it anyways!! I'm so not a runner. People think I am by the way I look, but no way. Lol

  3. You finished! Way to go for it, Maddie! I've only ran a half marathon once, so

  4. Haha love that you did it and finished anyway!! I'm definitely going to check out the half training program you linked, it's on my bucket list but I am very....unmotivated. Maybe that will help!

  5. You rock! So inspiring! I'm talking baby baby steps towards a half, thanks for the link :)
    Time Stand Still

  6. Nice work! A half is a fun distance (and the longest I ever plan to run...) but it still takes some serious work to get through! I've got my sights set on a spring race to motivate myself to run this winter. Eh, we'll see how that goes!

  7. You both kick ace though! So proud :)

  8. You both kick ace though! So proud :)

  9. kudos to you!! after i finished my first, i said never again! lol

  10. Hi little shin-splint, icey assed girl! I'm so incredibly proud of you! I think teeny tiny baby step jogging is still an amazing feat (feet?ha) You finished 13.1 MILES! Helloooo. Awesome in my book.
    Your chubby, sedentary MIL

  11. COngrats! I just finished my first one a few weeks ago! I was defiitely sore the monday after that, but not enough that I dont want to sign up for the next one lol.

  12. Awesome job!!! I would be baby step jogging with you girl.

  13. congrats man! i don't know if i could EVER do that!

  14. Congrats! Such a great accomplishment! I just ran my first and it was so intense.