White Door Wears: Winter Color Pop

Winter sure did rear it's beautiful and cold self for a couple weeks there. But now... now it feels like we are back to spring weather here in Denver! All of this 68 degreeness made me dig deep into my drawers (the ones that hold my clothes, not my 'drawers' as in pants... come on guys) and pulled out some color. If the sun is still shining, then my pink pants are still flying'

Flying high... Like all pink pants do. What? 

Anyways... A couple of you have sent me ranting emails about the fact that I don't show you the clothes I wear. Haha. I am semi-kidding. Kidding about the ranting part. Not kidding about the emails. Funny world we live in, eh? So... Thriftarians... Ask and you shall receive. White Door Wears will be your sneak peak into my underwhelming closet, 97% of the time. Sometimes, I may just WOW you and myself.

In other news... And contrary to my above statement (good one, Maddie) I got this SWEET coat from Old Navy yesterday, that I can't wait to show you on the next edition.

Until then, feast your eyes on this babe. Me.

Blue collared shirt - H&M | Nude/Pink shirt - TJ Max | Pink skinnies - Calvin Klein | Leopard flats - Target | Blue bubble statement necklace that everyone and their mother owns | Ebay

Phew. That was awkward.



  1. But awkward is so becoming on you! Love the outfit you put together. Maybe it's the pink, maybe it's the blue, maybe it's the jag print, maybe turquoise, maybe I like it all. The coat is sweet and I have a feeling you're far too modest. You probably have all the moves in fashion. Share away, girly!


  2. You are SOOO cute. I love this entire outfit and all these pictures.

  3. So darn cute...I have been wanting colored jeans so bad, but never find a good fit (they're always too skinny!)...love these pink ones on you, girl!

  4. I seriously love this outfit! And your old white door in the background. :)

  5. gaaaahhhh LOVE


  6. Awww you're so cute!

    Newest follower :)

    Hope you visit my blog as well! :)

    Tiff Ima