Shredding Some Pow Pow


AKA: Snowboarding

Am I impressing you yet?

So if you’re wondering where I learned to talk so cool… The pictures below will tell you the truth.

Not really the truth because in these pictures I just look like your average snowboarder (or at least I hope I do… Do I?) when in fact I am a beginner. I am learning. It is hard. It’s embarrassing. My knees hurt.

But, this weekend I think I hit one of those walls people say you hit when you are learning something new, and snowboarding actually became fun! I had a blast! I spend the majority of the time off of my butt, which was VERY new and exciting.

Granted, towards the end of the day the wind got so bad that I HAD to sit down for a bit (mostly because I have a hard time turning left and the wind kept pushing me right)

But other than that, Burley, Sara and I had such a good time (well I did, I guess I can’t speak for them).

Here are a few pics from our adventure!

(Sorry in advance for the pesky smudge that made its way into the center of most of these photos)


maddie ben


That’s all! What new things have you been teaching yourself lately? I’d love to hear about them and be inspired! I’m always looking for a new hobby…




Coming Soon! ...

Well hello there Thriftarians!!

I hope you had a BLAST this weekend.

I wanted to give you guys a sneak peak of the latest blog design I have been working on. I can't wait to share the results with you soon! I have been working with Dannielle over at Love, Life, and Louboutins to come up withe a new concept for her incedibly sassy and spunky blog. She is so much fun to work with, and the final product is coming along SO quickly.

I am starting to take some more design opportunities on, and can't wait to share the rest with you as well!

If you are in need of a THRIFTARY blog design makeover, please be sure to let me know!

You can get some general pricing information HERE

You can also email me at if you have any questions at all!

Happy Monday Y'all.


I'm Not Even Wearing Pants...

I feel like I'm in a daze. Work (boo, real world!) has been so busy the past couple of days, my butt hurts from sitting. That may not sound busy to you, but if you work at a desk, you know what I mean.

I am thinking ahead on the next few months of my life... Figuring out where I am going to get the money to fly every where I need to fly... Be everywhere I need and want to be... And even more... Where I am going to find the time to squeeze it all in! I will litterally be traveling every week in April, except for the weekend that I am running the "Once Upon a Race" with some of the greatest ladies in all the land, AKA my book club. Yea. Be jealous. (I will be sure to keep you updated on our theme, team name, and costume craft night). Again, be jealous.

On top of that... I have a busy weekend ahead that I can't quite seem to nail the details down on in my head. I keep looking at my planner and thinking... Wait.. What?? Please tell me im not the only one.

All in all... #priveledgedgirlproblems. Nonetheless, I still find my mind going 147 bajillion miles per hour. STOP!!! STOP PRIVELEDGED GIRL MIND WITH NO REAL PROBLEMS EXCEPT FOR SOCIAL ENGAGEMENTS AND TRAVELING PLANS!!!

Anyways... Here are some outfits I wish I had to wear this weekend:

Photo Credit

Photo Credit
Gorgeous right? However I dont have any of these things.

In fact, I am not even wearing pants right now.

Whatcha Readin’?


This week … I restocked my “To Read” pile and I am oh so excited.

Check out what is on my current reading list:"

Books SideDSCF6342 copy


1. “The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green – This one I am starting right away (OK – I have already started). The ever lovely and talented Morgangster suggested this on her blog the other day, and I respect her opinion completely. So far, I agree.

2. “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close” by Jonathan Safran Foer – I’m a huge supporter of reading books before I see the movie. I gotta read this one fast!

3. “Everything is Illuminated” by Jonathan Safran Foer – It was on sale and I recognized the name as his first large work.

4. “War and Peace” by Leo Tolstoy – To be completely honest, I bought this book about 4 months ago and I still have yet to finish 100 pages. I keep picking it up and putting it down. It’s not exactly a book you can keep in your purse to read when you find the time. AKA it’s huge. Nonetheless, in reading it I will accomplish a goal I have had for a long time, and also one of my 20 goals for 2012. Wish me luck.

5. “My Utmost for His Highest” by Oswald Chambers – I have probably read this devotional all the way through, about 3 times at this point in my life. It is a daily read, thoughts and mediations on Christ, his teachings, spirituality, daily walking in faith. It is just priceless. It is a goal during this season of Lent to read every morning.

6. “Q&A” published by Potter Style – This is the coolest book ever. I got it for Burley for Christmas 2010, and we have been trying to keep it updated since then. It has a question a day, every day for 5 years. So for example, on January 1, you will answer the following question: “What is your mission” for five years. A GREAT record, and I highly suggest it for every newly married couple.

What are you reading lately? Any suggestions? I need to start my new list NOW!


New House: Wish List

Did I tell you that we are moving?

Well, we are.

Our faithful loft has served us well this first year in Denver, but poor Mace Face has been putting up with us in her cooped up home for an entire 365 days, and I think we owe it to her, to give her a little freedom (with a fence of course).

Lofts are amazing for these reasons:
  • They look cool
  • They are sometimes cheaper
  • They tend to be in accessible areas
  • They help your marriage, by testing and trying it to the point of sheer frustration. A girl needs to slam a door every now and then, you know? (Does that mean I have a temper?)
  • They cause you and your significant other (if you live in a loft with a roomate, I am truly sorry) to grow much closer as your changing area is also your living room, and your bedroom is 10 feet away from the kitchen.
OK... So I realize that my list got a little sarcastic. Which, Heretoforeto, is why we are moving.

So in the meantime, I appologize for the lack of DIY Home Decor, but I just can't bring myself to decorate this little loft anymore. I need to slowly distance myself so that the final separation isn't as bad.

To fill the void, I decided to compile some of the projects I just can't wait to get my hands on next month, once we find some new digs.


1 | 2

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

1 | 2 | 3


A Tribute

No... This is not a reference to the incredible/amazing soon-to-be feature film, will always be incredible trilogy, The Hunger Games.

This is a reference to my husband. A tribute to him, if you will.

Last night, I was working late on a new blog design. He had a night off from the bar, so this was a sacrifice to let me work.

He scheduled dinner around me going to the gym.

He did all the dishes (which is saying a lot because I did a NUMBER on the pan the I cooked our chicken in).

(He had previously done all our laundry and left my piles folded on the dresser).

Without a word, he got in bed to read, and let me work.

When I was ready, I got ready for bed and hopped in beside him. With his handsome reading glasses on. Reading said Hunger Games, becuase he liked that I liked them so much.

And I was so impressed. What a man. And he's aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall mine.

So thankful.

So, last night, while working on said blog design, I found this amazing font. And I thought, I shall construct an ode to the greatest man in all the land.

Thriftary: Blog Design

Hi Friends!

Man o man did Monday hit like a freight train. Am I right? I had such a relaxing weekend I didn't want it to end! I'll do a quick runthrough just so I can relive it one more time, and so you will know what I am referring to by said, "relaxing" "weekend."
  • Friday, I got to spend an evening downtown with two lady friends and had a BLAST. We went to Tamayo on Larimer for a bottle of wine and some VERY delicious modern mexican quisine. If you are into salmon, I would HIGHLY suggest their Salmon Adobado.
  • Saturday, I got to sleep in (YES!), hit the gym with no time crunch (DOUBLE YES!) and go to the dog park and an early dinner with Burley before his long bar shift that night (TRIPPLE YES!). Then I went and saw The Vow by myself... highly suggested if you need a solo date night. And THEN I worked on the blog design that I am about to share with you! 
  • Sunday, I got to sleep in with Burley (unheard of) and have a relaxing day looking for houses, browsing the book store, and catching an early "Resatuarant Week" special at Root Down, Denver. Seriously... The best meal I've had since we moved here. I got fried tofu in a blood orange sauce with a bunch of other incredible things. Super unique, all locally sourced, great service. Just a really nice and enjoyable experience.
There you have it, folks! Henceforthheretofor, Monday has hit like a freight train. But I am glad I got to relive my weekend with you one more time.

Now on to the blog meat.

I have been working on my sister's blog for a bit. She has been so gracious as to be my first guinea pig when it comes to blog design, and I had such a blast with it!

Please head on over to Two Hoots & a Holler to check it out! I love her blog. She is an incredible writer, and to top it off, she has an incredible story to tell. Do you love your sister as much as I love mine? Probably not. Ok, that was rude, I know you love your sister, just know that I love my sister too. A lot.


Here is a sneak peak...

Now go check it out!

I've also got some pricing up if you are in need of a blog makeover, and want to work with YOURS TRULY! I bet we would be a great pair :)

CLICK HERE for my contact info and pricing on blog design!


Friday’s: Thrift Store Finds


I can’t believe we have already made it to another Friday! The weeks are flying by… Why is that?
Oh yea… because I have to run 13.1 miles non-stop in May, so every day comes and goes and laughs at me for thinking that it’s possible.

So yesterday I hinted towards the fact that I may or may not have BLOWN THRIFTING IN GENERAL OUT OF THE WATER with all of the awesome finds I snagged from the thrift store this Wednesday. I think I was most excited because I didn’t really have to dig like I normally do… All of these pieces basically walked right up to me, told me they liked me and wanted to come home with me and hopped in my basket. Now… That’s not normally my style… But Wednesday… I just agreed!

Here is the recap of all that I got, including a price tag tally, mixed in with a little bit of a photo shoot that I literally did right when I got home from dinner that night (instead of watching American Idol… which is a big deal).

I hid some little pieces of photography gold in here.. Let me know if you find them.

HINT: 1 involves a plie, 1 involves a peter pan tribute, and the other involves death.

DSCF6327 copyDSCF6329DSCF6334 copyblack and white striped shirtBlack VestCoral Retro CardiganGreen Knit SweaterBrown BlazerNeutral Knitted Cardigan

And that’s it! Aren’t you excited?!?! I am. I have needed a little spiciness in my wardrobe, and it really did the trick. All for $37 bucks!

I also thought I should share what I actually looked like prior to this photoshoot, and also the damage that I left at the foot of my bed (Sorry Burley).

I think its hilarious that I didn’t even try to move my insane pile of clothes out of the view of the camera most of the time.

Oh well… Life as a real human being. It’s full of excitement, eh?

PJsThe Aftermath

And that’s it, guys! Go enjoy your weekend and I’ll catch up with you on Monday.





Yesterday, I was on a mission.

I had about 1 hour in between working out and grabbing dinner with some lady friends (which was such a good time by the way)

Well… Let me tell you about that first.

Pete’s Central One – It’s a cute little tasty restaurant in Wash Park, Denver. You probably know one of Pete’s restaurants if you live in Denver. If you have ever needed a patty melt at 2am, He’s got a diner on Colfax. If you’ve ever wanted an authentic gyro after work, he’s got a gyro cafĂ© on Colfax as well. You see where I am going? This man has made his own little greek dynasty in Denver. And I am sooooo glad that he has.

Last night, Pete happened to be at Central One while we were eating, and he sat down with us and cracked jokes about 4 times… He also offered us free shots (“No Thanks, I’m on a diet)… free dessert (“Pete, you’re killing me… I can’t eat this)… and he served us 2 of our three courses (“Thanks, Pete. Please don’t take offense to me rejecting your shots and dessert… I’m just on this diet, see…”).

He was awesome. His food is RIDICULOUSLY awesome and well prices for the quality. So go there!!!

Now… back to my mission…

So in between the gym and heading to Central One, I had about an hour and a half to spare, so I stopped by one of my FAVORITE boutiques in downtown Denver, Common Era.

This place is ridiculously cute and so well priced. Dresses are about $40, and are SO unique. However, I can’t buy them because they are 1st hand… DANGIT.

But, they DO have some amazing second hand/handmade jewelry… and I totally tapped that yesterday.

Check it out!


Photos 1| Missmatched bangle set 2 | Antique gold “Many Rings” ring 3 | Handmade wooden stud earrings

Amazing right?

I also hit the thrift store… which is apparently a REALLY good idea on a Wednesday night… Because I pretty much found a new wardrobe. But I will share that tomorrow….

Until then, Happy Thursday!


The ABC’s of Vintage


Holla -

I hope all you Thriftarians had a LOVELY Valentines Day. Burley made a DELICIOUS (and I mean DELICIOUS) home cooked meal, and surprised me with already purchased frozen yogurt from PinkBerry half way through our movie while cuddled up on the couch. It was made perfectly for me (1/2 blood orange, 1/2 pom, with raspberries, coconut and mango toppings… YUM).

We watched a movie and had the perfect Valentines Day evening.

But for today… I just HAVE to share a really awesome new series that I am OH so excited about, over at Oh So Lovely Vintage.

Every Sunday for the next 4 weeks they are going through the ABC’s of Vintage. So clever! I am loving it…

Here are a few shots from the first round…

vintage letters

Photos | Credits

I happen to have that EXACT same lampshade in my living room. I feel so in with the in crowd.

final2 copy

Well that’s all I got! I hope you will hop over to Oh So Lovely Vintage and check out the series!



You Know What's Coming....

Here's to all you love birds, and all you haters of love birds.
Let's be honest... We're all friends every other day... Let's still be friends today.

Here is a little treat straight from Noise Trade, who so graciously is offering 25 free love songs as a download today. All you have to do is "Like" their FB page (which you should do anyways)... and enjoy! I  know I am.

Go forth lovers... Enjoy your day.

"Don't Forget"

don’t forget to write a song for her
she’s open
draw her out in every single word
dark are the times but she will dance and sing
she would wear your ring always
what can you write that would ring as true
as the love for you she makes
don’t forget to write a song for her
don’t forget to hold her when she’s tired
she’s waiting
can’t you feel the trembling of her eyes
she’s waiting
dark are the times but she will stand by you
when your plans fall through, she’ll stay
what can you write that would ring as true
as the love for you she makes
don’t forget to write a song for her
don’t forget to write a song for her
don’t forget to write a song for her

- David Meade

Let’s Talk Grammys


What a night. I have to admit… For one of the first times ever… I was in INSANE agreement with the winners of the 2012 Grammys. Adele (Best EVERYTHING including album, record, song and performance) and Bon Iver (Best New Artist) are probably the most played artists in my iTunes player right now… So I applaud the committee… or the judge… or the fans… or whoever the people are that decide who wins these things.

However, Bon Iver is nowhere near a new artist, so I’m not sure how missed the mark on their homework for that project.

Best Country/Group Performance and Best Folk Album went to the Civil Wars from Nashville, TN. These guys are another HUGELY underrated act, that I am SO glad were recognized at this year’s awards. Way to go guys! I would say that this is drive in the car, making dinner, have friends over, really anytime music!

Best Bluegrass Album went to Alison Krauss & Union Station’s “Paper Airplanes” albums, which is another amazing record of 2012. This one is more of a “listen while I cook dinner and feel homey” album. So good, and always remind me of home. My dad said once that she sings like a violin. I agree. Gorgeous.

And then of course… There were clothes. Here are a few of my favs!

gwenyth copy

Photo | Credits


k perry copy

Photo | Credits

Really? You can wear blue from head to toe, including your hair color, and still stop traffic in a good way? what can’t you do, K Perry?

lady g and m lambert copy

Photo | Credits

Hahaha… This picture makes me laugh so hard. Who was the jokester working on seating arrangements? Come on jokester… Who are you? I applaud you.


Photo | Credits


T Swift copy

Photo | Credits

Gorgeous… LOVED this dress.


And that’s all I got folks! I hope you had a great weekend and are ready for the LOVELIEST week of them all!