Is Everyone Hanging out Without me?

Greetings, Thriftarians!

Today I am coming to you LIVE from thousands of feet above the ground (I am really bad with numbers, and distances, and temperatures, and really anything that normal people guess at in casual conversation... For example... I was going to tell you that I am 2000 feet above the ground... But for some reason that feels dangerously close to the tops of our houses).

So, I don't know how far above your head I am right now. But I do know that I am sitting in a plane, in which I have scored 2 diet cokes, 1 up of coffee, and 2 small bags of salted peanuts (I also paid $9 to get on the internet. Shhhhh... don't judge me).

I also know that I have 1:05 hours left until we land, because my $9 also purchased an in-flight all-knowing website that gives me important information that NO OTHER LAY PERSON on this plane is privy too... Unless they also paid $9...

My journey this morning started at 2am MT. That's right. 2am. Woke up (after 2 hours of sleep), let the dog out, put on some airport clothes (I am one of those people that likes to look good in airports. I don't wear sweats or sneakers. I like to dress shmancy yet whimsical like, so that when I walk by people they will think I am important and that I have important places to be. Don't judge me. I'm just being honest).

Shmancy yet whimsical like? uh oh. I think I am tired.

Anyways, I then packed my belongings into the car and picked Burley up from work at 2:30am. Yes. Our schedules are this weird.

He then took me to the airport.

If you're wondering what type of conversation a married couple has at 3am on a Friday morning in the car, when everyone else in the world is sleeping... It sounds a lot like the conversation that a normal married couple would have at 5pm after they leave their normal jobs: "Macey was so cute last night..." "Will you be awake when the internet guy comes to the house?" "I left a todo list and some cookies on the counter for you..." "Love you.. what are your plans today?"


But still... It's crazy how that one little 20 minute conversation can be the favorite part of my day. (SWOON).

So I get to the airpot. I sleep for an hour on the floor. I go through security only to find that to my dismay, I have gone through security for ONLY CONCOURSE A, and I, unfortunately, am flying out of concourse C.


Apparently, every flight I have taken out of Denver so far has been out of concourse A. This morning was my lesson in detail checking.

So yes, I went through security twice. Took my shoes off twice. Got my hair bun patted down twice. Took my laptop out twice. You get the picture.

Nonetheless, I made it safe and sound. I land in less than an hour... And all this to say... I wanted to write a book review for you today (hence the title of this post).


This book review will be short and sweet.


I am reading Mindy Kalling's "Is Everyone Hanging out Without me? (And Other Concerns)"
I have laughed out loud on this plane 4 times already.
Mindy is a writer and actor on "The Office" (Kelly).
She is hilarious. She has had some unfortunate and fortunate experiences. Both of which are hilarious to read about.

Here is a brief excerpt that I read today, as Mindy explains the differences between her and her character, Kelly, on "The Office":

  • Fake a pregnancy for attention
  • Fake a rape for attention
  • Text while showering
  • Consider driving away from the site of a vehicular manslaughter
  • Plant evidence of cheating in order to confront a boyfriend
  • Cry about a celebrity breakup
  • Write a letter of support to Jennifer Anniston
  • Write a mean anonymous letter to Lance Armstrong re: Sheryl Crow
  • Use a voodoo doll
  • Create an online persona to cyberbully a girl into being anorexic
  • Blackmail a boyfriend into taking her out to dinner
  • Choreograph and star in a music video
  • Fake our own deaths to catch a serial killer
  • Cry at work occasionally
  • Memorize our credit card numbers to shop online with ease"

Ah... I just loved this excerpt. If you know Kelly from the office. If you don't... I think it may still be. You tell me.

Ok... 1 more quote and then I will leave you alone (really, you could have stopped reading this like 2 hours ago, so if you are still reading, I give you mad props. Why don't you leave a comment that says "I read the whole thing!!!!" and I will write you back some really amazing congratulations. I will make them all unique... GO!)

Mindy talks about her shameless love for romantic comedies in detail (woman after my own heart). 
She also outlines all of the notorious women in romantic comedies that we watch over and over again, yet they don't exist in real life. But for some reason we really like this. Here is one of the personalities that she describes.


The smart and funny writer Nathan Rabin coined the term Manic Pixie Dream Girl to describe a version of this archetype after seeing Kirsten Dunst in the movie Elizabethtown. This girl can't be pinned down and may or may not show up when you make concrete plans. She wears gauzy blouses and braids. She decides to dance in the rain and weeps uncontrollably if she sees a sign for a missing dog or cat. She spins a globe, places her finger on a random spot, and decides to move there. This ethereal weirdo abounds in movies, but  nowhere else. If she were from real-life, people would think she was a homeless woman and would cross the street to avoid her, but she is essential to the male fantasy that even if a guy is boring, he deserves a woman that will find him fascinating and pull him out of himself by forcing him to go skinny-dipping in a stranger's pool."

This one struck me so funny. I have TOTALLY wanted to be that girl (please reference my monologue about why I wear cool clothes to the airport).

Anyways... That's all I got. I know... Shocking.

Have a great weekend, Thriftarians. You guys are just the best!


Fresh Air

The house is messy. I love it.

I'm currently packing for a long awaited bachelorette weekend with all of the coolest girls you will ever meet (and I did... in highschool).

So... Here's a breath of musical fresh air for you. Lend and ear. you won't be dissapointed.

Home sweet home (almost)

Today Is the day! We are moving like crazy... Well really... Burley has been because I don't get off work for another 15 minutes. I thought I would keep u posted on the house so far tho!!


Monday Monday – Da daaaaa da da da da


If you don’t understand my post title… I apologize. If you do… it will not be stuck in your head all the rest of the Monday long.

Man am I refreshed, Thriftarians. This weekend was the perfect calm before and after the storm.

Like I told you on Friday… Burley and I headed up to Winter Park this weekend to celebrate his birthday with some great friends. And boy did we celebrate. And boy do we have good friends.

We had the best. time. ever.

DSCF6537 copyDSCF6540 copyUntitled-1DSCF6562 copyDSCF6563 copyDSCF6566 copy

I also had a really successful day snowboarding with Sara (please refer to the only foxy lady in pic 1). It was our last day on the mountain before the season close, and we went out with a bang (literally… Sara collided with a handicapped ski biker).

And today… Today we start our move.

Burley has already brought over a few boxes to the house! I am moving my office over there tonight, so tomorrow, you will see my very first post from our new Thriftary home!!!

Very very excited.

I promise to share pictures as we go tomorrow to keep you in the loop!!



Happy Birthday, Burley!


Thriftarians! This week we celebrate a very special birthday!

It is that of my husband… Burley.

I say “this week” because that’s how us Richardsons roll. We celebrate for days and days and days. It is the best way to celebrate a birthday, I have found (as I have not always been a Richardson).

So starting on Wednesday (the day before the big day) Burley and I celebrated husband and wife style… Like a date… you creepers.

I broke my diet and we pigged out on sushi and saki and it honestly felt more like it was my birthday because I was so excited to eat sushi. Yes. That makes me a fat kid (if you saw me questioning this on Facebook, I did come to a conclusion).

We then came home and watched TV from our new bedroom. AKA our bed is back in the living room, but it is now our couch/bed. We thought it would be fun for a few days before the big move. We were right. Its like a fort. But we’re adults. Which makes it way more fun.

Here are some pics of the lovely evening (AKA Burley’s 26th birthday week kick-off EXTRAVAGANZA!!).

DSCF6488 copyDSCF6493 copyDSCF6492 copyDSCF6494 copyDSCF6497 copyDSCF6498 copyDSCF6500 copyDSCF6504 copyDSCF6509 copy

We are now packing to head up to the mountains for the weekend with some ol’ chums, to celebrate what will probably be the last semi-OK snowboarding weekend. Where did the winter go?!

I made enchiladas last night that are no in the freezer. I have the makings of some delish banana pudding (Burley’s fav) and I bought cookies. This is very out of my comfort zone. And I like it.

Cheers to an unhealthy weekend of snowboarding, hot tubbing, and drinking.

Cheers to celebrations and winter.

Cheers to my ever-loving, ever-patient, ever-hilarious, ever-adventurous, ever-mine husband….


Happy Birthday, Love.



I done got featured...

Hey Friends!

Today, Mae Mae over at Two Hoots and a Holler (one of my beloved sponsors) is featuring a Thriftary post, on "Getting Real."

Please go check it out! She is the best and so is her blog.

Happy Tuesday!!


Bicycle Graveyard. Bicycle Heaven.

Well.. Today is a sad and exciting day all at the same time.

Today is the day, I retire the Huffster.

Dear Huffster:
It was a really good run.
And by a "good run" I mean, I am not quite coordinated enough to ride a bike as cool as you.
You know there were bad times.
Like the multiples times I have fallen off of you due to a mixture of insecurity, lack of experience, and fast moving cars.
And then there were the other bad times I suffered severe anxiety attacks by riding you through our beloved city streets.
Your breaks don't work.
Your tires are too skinny for all this woman.
Come to think of it, the only good times was that one time I saw you on Craigslist and you looked cool, so I bought you.
We just weren't meant to be.
You'll always have a special place in my heart....
Unrequitedly yours,

So there is the sad part.

But there is also an exciting part... And THAT my friends, is my new love.


She's a cruiser.

And from what I gather, that is like the "non-biker"s bike.

Which is totally me.

She has enough girth in those tires to carry me through the streets to safety.
She's got enough strength in her frame to carry a basket full of groceries, without threatening my life.
Sh'es yellow. So cool. Duh.
Sh'es all that I never knew I needed.

She get's dropped off today at 12pm. I'm excited!

Happy Monday, Thriftarians!!!



Party People - It's Friday - And we have cause to celebrate!

Happy Birthday, Jamers! Love you to death.
You are sweet as can be.
You may be the funniest one of us all (don't tell the others I said so).
You never stop caring.
You are SUPER creative and I can't wait to design your big fancy website some day where you sell your big fancy furniture.
You have the cutest girlfriend in all the land.
You love and live with every cell.
and I still don't know where you got those baby blues.

and SECOND...


You will know see my "Movary: Box Counter" rising SO fast because I am SO excited (and I have the best friends who are all helping me pack and drink wine this weekend).

Thanks for your thoughts.
Thanks for your prayers.

And like I said yesterday at midnight....


So… Much… Is… Pending…



Burley’s birthday is next week.

We have two weekends until we move to an undisclosed (and unknown) location.

One of those weekends we will be snowboarding – Celebrating Burley’s birthday.

The Thursday following… we move. Did I say we don’t have a house yet?

We are waiting to hear back about THE house. Application still processing… (Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers… Thriftarians are just the BEST!)

But I am packing.

And packing…

And throwing some things out and bringing some things to good will and giving some things away.

and packing some more.

This is what my desk looks like… (yes that is an empty diet brownie carton in the corner. Yes I drink my water out of Guinness pints)

DSCF6466 copy

This is what our library/pantry/dog room looks like.

DSCF6469 copy

This is what our kitchen/work station look like.

DSCF6470 copy

This is what our bedroom looks like.

DSCF6472 copy

And then a little surprise came in the mail. I like to call it a ray of sunshine. A gift from my Mom.

She is the best.

DSCF6474 copy copy

So that’s it guys!

I wish I had a fun tutorial… Or a cute picture where my hair is “did” and I’m not in sweats… but alas… this is a lifestyle blog… and these pictures convey my current lifestyle.

Exciting news… I have added a “Movary: Box Count” to my right hand side bar –>

So now you can follow where we are at with packing! Tada!

The current ratio is 14 days left until the move… and 10.5 boxes packed.

Stay tuned… This could get really fun really fast.



Home Sweet.... Home?

Ok - So in all honesty - I have been a wreck this past week.

If you don't already know, Burley and I have been house hunting. You can read about when that was all fun and games back in February... HERE.

Well, aparently the rental market in Denver is HORRIBLE right now, and we are experiencing that first hand. Rent is high, vacancies are slim, and we are supposed to be moving out of the loft in two weeks! Yikes...

So this past weekend we found our dream house... and then it was snatched out from underneath our noses. Which was painful and my reaction may or may not have been that of a 13 year old girl who got dumped for the first time. Very VERY sad and dramatic... Quickly turning to very VERY angry. I may have suggested egging the house, to which Burley replied "I don't know if it's necessary, babe" like a real grown up.

I then proceeded to go snowboarding with a bad attitude, becuase of the injustice that had been committed against me... Which doesnt really help the fact that I am still LEARNING how to snowboard. It was a nasty middle-school dramatic mess. I've got the butt bruises to prove it.


We see this house....

We may or may not have already snooped around in the backyard, front porch, and unlocked garage yesterday evening at the same time we thought the rental company was going to show up to show it to a family. No one showed up. Good sign.

We don't mess around now, kids. Thriftarians don't get burned twice.... no we don't.

So if you are the praying kind, please keep us in your hearts today! I have been trying to cast my anxieties down and trust that the Lord has my best interest at heart, and He has a plan.... but I REALLY hope that plan involves a 2BR/1BA with a front porch and a back yard, and hardwood floors, and some wierd character, and a cute neighborhood with treets. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?!?!

If you aren't the praying kind, please keep your fingers crossed for me :)

Thanks Guys - I'll be sure to keep you posted after our 12pm meeting today!!! Mountain time that is...


PS - This may have happened last night: I drove around the neighborhood that I want to live in, praying out loud, asking God to show us the right direction to take, and I TOLD HIM that it would be such a great witness to His glory if in that same moment a rental sign popped out, and I could tell the tale of how I needed a place to live and God just BAM.... dropped it right in front of me.
You're welcome God, for telling you how to bring glory to yourself. I'm sure you needed my assistance...

Monday is for Curls

Perfect Curls

Hey Team! I apologize again for my absence. We have been house hunting like the DICKENS. Burley and I are supposed to move out of the loft by the 29th and we still haven’t found a place. Yikes!!! So we are pedal to the metal over here…

I wanted to share this brief tutorial with you…

I don’t know if you are familiar with the horrible middle-school curling phase that inevitably resembles a freshly groomed poodle instead of the famous movie star waves that you THINK you have on your head… No? just me? Cool.

Well I have tried, in many different acts of sheer hair creativity, to perfect my curls. Hot rollers, curling iron, you name it. I love to spice it up, but I’m always haunted by that middle school poodle!!

Until a few weeks ago I tried something different.

Something wild…

Something crazy…

and BAM!!!!!

Curls Close

Phew – only 25 years to get that one right….

So here is the smallest bit of information that may revolutionize your curl life.


Yup – You are seeing this correctly. The only way to perfect curls is to NOT pinch your hair inside the curling iron, like it is made to do. MIND BLOWING, eh?

When you pinch your hair into a curling iron it does two things that lead to poodle head.
1. It thins your hair out into a flat section (meaning your entire curl will be the same width and size the whole way up/down. This looks too perfect. This looks like a poodle.
2. It hold your hair too tight, so your curl, will then in turn, heretoforetothitherfor, be too tight. Too Perfect. To poodle.

So… Where does that leave us?


Follow these simple steps!
1. Spray a 2 inch section of hair with hair spray.
2. hold the section straight out, and place the curling iron pretty darn close to your head… but not too close.
3. Simply WRAP your hair around the curling iron, starting closest to your head, and ending the the tip of the hair section still being held in your hand. This will cause the section of hair to twist and turn while you wrap it around the iron, creating a more natural curl. You will also burn yourself if you get too close to your head, so that curl will start a little bit further down your hair section, also causing a more natural curl look.
4. Wait for a good 15 seconds (give or take, depending on your curling iron) and let the section fall out.

Then spray again.


I’m sure you may need to tweak the process a bit to find your perfect curls – but this is what worked for me!

**DISCLAIMER** If any guys – are reading this disclaimer… 1st I want to say congratulations. You are one in a million. Second, I want to say, that you will not understand this post. You may read it and think it is shallow. You may read it and think “who cares?!” And to that I say… It’s OK. You don’t have to understand. I don’t hold that against you at all.

You have also never been a middle school girl who looks like a well groomed poodle.


Thrifatry Spotlightary: Wearing It On My Sleeves


I don't think I have ever shared about this blog before... but today I needed to because I follow her every day, and I think she is just fantastic. Perosonally, stylisticly, Humurously, fantastically... all spelled wrong but very true.


Wearing It On My Sleeves is a super cute blog written by a super cute lady named Sarah.

She makes her own clothes (that I have featured on my blog before... HERE), she finds gorgeous clothes, and puts them together so uniquely. I think her style and composition is so refreshing.

So I feel really stalkerish for liking this blog so much, and just realized that I was a bit obsessed. Oh well... can't turn back now.

Here is a brief look into a few of my recent favs.

Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

She is also really funny. And I like to actually read the words she puts along with her gorgeous pictures, which I admit, I don't always do.

So there it is folks! Go check out Wearing It On My Sleeves and so Sarah some Thriftary love!