It's Thursday... Almost Friday... Bangarang!!

Burley and I have some REALLY AWESOME FRIENDS coming in town today... And I can't WAIT!

It made me have this thought... Oh SNAP! I have to post my Boston trip pictures before my buddies get here so that I will have time and space to post MORE pictures of this incredible upcoming weekend!

So here goes...

Burley and I headed out this past Thursday to visit some of his fam in Boston. Bonus #1. 
There just is nothing much better than traveling with your husband. You get to be shmancy whimsical, but... together. Bonus #2.
Boston is one of my favorite cities. Bonus #3.
I got to catch up with some of my family I haven't seen in almost 2 years! Bonus #4.
I got to see my sisters. Big Bonus #5.

So check it out!!

We celebrated two college graduations. We drove around in an SUV suitable for the President's entourage. We laughed a lot. We ate incredible food.A great memory. That is for sure.

Pray for Abi

For a while now, I have been keeping you updated on the wherabouts of my niece, Abiella.

My brother and sister (technically sister-in-law, but we don't use that term... it's too... not true) have been journeying on the road to adoption for over two years now. You can read more about that on my sister's blog.

Well, long story short, there has been a lot of ups and downs and false alarms when it comes to finally going to court, and the latest news is that they are headed back to Africa, to stand before a judge, and plead their case as to why they would want to adopt a special needs child from Ghana.

I wish I could have called the judge and told him myself as to why these beautiful people and their beautiful daughter were made to be a family, but alas, the courts wouldn't allow it.

The journey has been painful to watch and support. I can only imagine what it has been like to be in their shoes. A truly unbelievable season of waiting, hoping, trusting, believing, and waiting.

All this to say, my brother and sister are en route to Ghana as I type, and they need your prayers.

Prayers that the court date would happen and be successful.
Prayers that they get to see Abi.
Prayers that they get to hold her and kiss her and smell her and cuddle her enough to hold them over until she get's to come home.
Prayers that the physical contact would touch Abi deeply so that she knows she is loved and wanted and missed.
Prayers that when they leave Ghana, their daughter will share their last name, and be on the last leg of her journey to the states and into her parents' arms.

I can't wait to hold my niece. I think about her all the time. This week, could you join us in doing the same, and maybe shake the heavens to make make mountains move and bring her home?

We would be so appreciative.

Two Hoots & a Holler

New House Update

…I have a message for you.

She’s been dying to say that.

I hope you guys all had a MAHVALOUS Memorial Day, full of celebration. Burley and I had breakfast and Boston with our family and then spend the day traveling back to the lovely state of Colorado.

We then ordered Chinese food and pigged out while catching up on Modern Family and Up All Night.

So we are just re-grouping over here at camp Thriftary (from both the travel and Chinese)

I will have some awesome photos to share with you this week of our trip to Boston where we got to celebrate, site-see, and spend some super quality time with family. Just can’t beat it.

But for today, I thought I would divulge some progress on the house!

A while back I shared with you a photo tour of our current home in Denver, Co. 2 Weeks ago I was able to share some progress photos on the back yard… Since we have moved in about 3 months ago, I have had to leave town approximately 7-8 times, so the progress has been rather… slow.

But we are getting there.

And today I have some progress to share in the living room!

This has been and will be an ongoing shift, because it is our main living space. And I literally have 8 million ideas of things I would like to do in here, while I sit down to watch tv or read and “unwind” as some are able to do.

But without further ado… Here are the befores…

And here are the afters/current state of our living area.

Ah… Sigh of relief.

It is definitely at a point now where I walk in the door and feel settled and satisfied. That is a really good point for me.

Let me know what you think!


Happy Monday, Thriftarians!

I hope you are having a GREAT start to your Monday holiday.

Today I want to do a quick share with you, on one of my latest design projects.
This was a blog design collaboration with Julie, over at White Lights on Wednesday.

Julie has a growing blog, featuring a lot of insanely delicious food, and plenty of sassy writing to boot.
It was a blast working with her.

Here are some shots of the final product!

Some of my favorites form this blog design, ended up being the buttons. I really could just eat them up. They remind me of cupcakes. What? I don't know... They just do.

And you just can't really go wrong with faces like Thing 1 and Thing 2...

Head on over to White Lights on Wednesdays, and show Julie some Thriftary love!

I am serious... You will want to make every recipe that she puts up there.

Have a great holiDAY and I'll circle back with you tomorrow, once we land back in good ol' Coloradah!


Today is the day! Are you excited?


I have had such a blast with this giveaway... Mostly because I am REALLY excited to giveaway such an awesome deal.

I could go on and talk about other things now, to try and build the suspense... But we're adults. Adults don't do that.


OK the truth is I'm rambling and I apologize.

To the point...




That's right! You! LORI!

I happen to personally know Lori (I promise... the drawing is random... aka Burley scrolls and I point). She also happens to run a SUPER cute blog over at A Crazy Walk on the Safe Side (she married a cop... GET IT?!)... So you should go check it out... And congratulate her for winning a $39.99 credit to Just Fab!!

That was fun.

If you didn't win. Don't cry. I promise to have more giveaways heading your way soon.

Thanks again for all of your participation this week. I just love to know who is out there so that I can stalk  you thank you over and over again for reading my little blog in a big blog world.

I hope you guys have a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend. I am currently living it up in Boston, and can't wait to recap with you next week.


Hey Guys!!!

I know yesterday I said that Burley would be gracing us with his presence/answers today... But we are packing to leave for our super-fun-cant-wait trip to Boston, and I just don't think that is any mood to be answering your questions in. I mean... What if he's mean to you!? I don't even know what I would do with myself.

SO... While we are on the plane today... I promise to get some real, candid, down and dirty answers from Burley on your awesome questions. I promise... It is better this way...

In the meantime... Want to see what I packed?

That's right...

You thought you were going to get the "inside scoop" on something Thriftary today... And you are. Indeed you are. But literally, you are the inside, in my suitcase. You are inside my suitcase. Starting.... Now.

Hat from Target, Clutch from H&M, Shorts from H&M, Shirt was thrifted, 
Shoes from Target, Necklace is homemade

Hat from Target, Bag from H&M, cardigan from H&M, Shirt from TJ Max, 
Pants from TJ Max, Shoes from Target, Necklace from F21

Shirt from Target, Bag was Thrifted, Sandals from Target, Shorts from H&M, 
Necklace from a Boutique in Cape Code

Dress from H&M, Necklace from a Boutique in Cape Code, Shoes from Target, 
Clutch from H&M, Peach Absolut just looked like another appropriate accessory

Shirt was Thrifted, Bag was Thrifted, Shoes from Target, 
Pants from TJ Max, Glasses from, Earrings from F21

Shirt from Target, Skirt/Belt from Target, Sandals from Target, 
Purse was Thrifted, Necklace from F21

So now you know a few of the secrets from my suitcase:
* I buy everything from the same three stores, and thrift everything else
* I buy shoes from Target and that's about it
* Bags are my favorite things to thrift
* I can't get enough of the mint/coral
* I am trying to sneak peach Absolut onto the plane

And that is it!!

I hope you guys have a THRILLING Thursday... and be sure to check back tomorrow, because YOU may be the lucky winner of the Just Fab Giveaway!!!


Come One, Come All

Heeeeeeeeey There -

Today I have super exciting news! I finally have put together some sponsorship packages (tada!).

I have been really excited for a while now to be able to offer you (the faithful Thriftarians) an opportunity to sponsor Thriftary, and get some recognition for YOUR blogs!

A lot of the packages include either solo or group feature spotlights, which will be a new addition to the Thriftary regime, which I am ALSO excited about. Some of these features will include short bios, and even interviews.

A lot of exciting things on the horizon.

So head on over to the sponsor tab up top, and knock yourself out!

Please email me at if you have any questions! I literally sit at my email all day waiting for you to email me... Seriously...

WAIT! Before you go.... Two things...

DONT FORGET to ask Burley! We will be running through our first round of questions tomorrow, and they are hilarious, helpful, and heartfelt, all rolled into one!!! If you have any questions that you would like to Ask Burley, click here to read how to enter:

DONT FORGET to enter this week's giveaway! The winner will be announced THIS FRIDAY, May 25th so post your twacebook, feets, insta-love taps, and all of those other ways we connect in cyber world... Make sure you comment and let me know how you entered! Click here for more details:

PHEW! That's it...