Summer Spalooza - Linens & Leaves

Well, as it turns out, SUMMER SPALOOZA continutes today with another home run from Cait Emma. She is the cutest thing around, and has some awesome ideas of how to spice your summmer up!

Grab a pen and paper, and get reading!

a summer with Linen&Leaves
we all need to refresh during the summer. its the time of year when we can breathe in the hot air, swim in cool water, and let go of the past year. here are some ways that i am finding the new me by being healthier and not spending tons of money!

Photo one 
1. activities - i know that we say this every year, "i'll be so active and loose tons of weight and be super sexy!" and then it never happens. well, this year, i have vowed to be active, but for different reasons. i honestly just want to be healthy, energetic, and respectful of my body. (and i mean that genuinely.) since i have a new incentive, i have actually stayed on track with my summer activities. one of my favorites? yoga. i've loved yoga for years - but usually i have tons of work and can't always make sessions. for the summer i have a bit more flexibility with my schedule, so i have decided to go at least twice a week. i feel great...and oh just happen to feel more slim.
Photo two 
2. reading - a new good book! since its the summer its good to pick a book completely irrelevant to school or work. go for something fun - young adult, self-help, romance, a graphic novel - anything.  its hard to remember why reading is pleasurable when you are usually forced to read material you don't like.

3. something old - start something up again that you used to do. its all about reviving: go back to an activity that you were good at. it could be a hobby, art, or a sport. i have picked up swimming again! i used to be a swimmer, but haven't done laps in yearrrrrss. i have found that, after a yoga class, swimming is a great full-body workout. my muscles feel stronger, and i am gaining back an old love!

Photo three
4. something new - my partner, jonathan has just taught me how to rock-climb! i love it! just like swimming, rock-climbing is a great activity that doesn't cost much (particularly because i used all of jonathan's equipment ha). its important to get involved with other activities. that way, if you're not interested in your old activities, you can put another thing under your belt.   go a head and look for something in your area. kayaking, camping, etc. usually there are great summer rates and you can try these things with friends and family!

thanks so much maddie for letting me post! be safe and have fun on your travels!

Summer Spalooza - Yellow Bird Yellow Beard

Happy Monday, you filthy scoundrels!
Hahaha, I don't know where that came from.

Well. I am going to miss you this week, but as I said Friday, I have an ALLSTAR cast lined up this week to share some amazing fun with you during our SUMMER SPALOOZA!

This week, while I am vacationing in LA, sipping margaritas on the beach, cycling down the boardwalk with my besties, singing my heart out at full band karaoke 
(That's right. You heard me. Full band), you will be dazzled by some of the finest ladies in blogosphere, and the universe, and beyond.

And to kick us off, is the ever inspiring and lovely Janee from Yellow Bird Yellow Beard. Seriously. She is amazing. Get pumped.
Take it away, Janee!!

This smoothie. I want to drink it every day for the rest of my life! It's so good. And it's SO easy to make, as long as you follow these instructions exactly.

1::: Get out your blender and plug it it.
2::: Put fruit in your blender. {I used pineapple, strawberries, mango, blueberries and raspberries.}
         NOTE - it is very important that your fruit is NOT frozen.
3::: Blend.

4::: Get some fat free sorbet or frozen yogurt depending on what your local grocer has to offer.
5::: Put 3 or 4 large scoops in your blender and blend.

6::: Get some ice. Put a little bit of ice in and blend. Repeat until you are satisfied with the consistency.

Oh, and don't forget to unplug your blender and clean it. I mean really.

Yum.... I hope this helps sweeten and cool off your summer!


Who are these Hotties?

Oh boy oh boy oh boy am I excited to be here today.
So much on the horizon, my friends!

A) I leave for a WEEKS worth of vacay in 48 hours. That's right folks. In a mere two days time, I will be on a plane, sipping bloody marys with my hunny, and heading out to see our best buddies. I can't even believe it.  Seriously. I just exploded.

B) Next week you will be hearing from some of my FANTASTIC sponsors whose faces you see every day in my right sidebar. They are going to be hitting it out of the park, as they discuss AMAZING summer fashion, fun, and food with you! I have decided to call it SUMMER SPALOOZA....


You're welcome.

C) Who are these "alleged" sponsors, you ask? Well. Let me tell you. Today is the sponsor spotlight. I've got you covered.



Just WHO are you?:
Hello there! We are Stefanie and Erin of the blog Oh So Lovely Vintage! We are also the proud owners of a 1956 camper trailer that we converted into a mobile vintage shop named Olive, and a brick-and-mortar vintage boutique called Rhymes With Orange!

Just WHAT do you blog about?:If you are as obsessed with the 1950's and 1960's as we are, be sure to stop by our blog for posts about vintage fashion, home decor, DIY's, and other lovely things! XO

Just what are you looking forward to most SUMMER?:Summertime means sipping lemonade on patios, warm breezes, late night bike rides, and being able to wear dresses without tights and we love every moment of it!

Visit Stefanie & Erin: BLOG | TWITTER | FACEBOOK


Just WHO are you?:Hi! My name is Janee Lookerse. I have my BFA in Art with an emphasis in Dark Room Photography.

Just WHAT do you blog about?:
Yellow Bird, Yellow Beard is an accumulation of all the thoughts, ideas, inspiration and projects that I enjoy. I hope you'll like them too.

Just what are you looking forward to most this SUMMER?:This summer I'm looking forward to exploring my new home, Boston! Riding my bike with my fabulous husband and drinking 1,000,000 fruit smoothies :)


mae 2

Just WHO are you?:
I'm Mae.  I am the wife of a musician, an adoptive mama, the sister to a small group of super-humans (Maddie is one of them BTW), an aspiring potter, and the master to two amazing pups.

Just WHAT do you blog about?":
I originally started blogging to keep our friends and family up to date on our adoption...  but as time passed, I fell in love with blogging and began writing about other aspects of my life as well. Today, Two Hoots & a Holler is a lifestyle blog where I write about everything from crazy childhood stories (like the time I cut my finger off at school... don't worry they sewed it back on, or the time I somehow found myself in a gospel video on BET, or what life was like growing up with Zelvis, the zebra), to being married to a musician, to going back to school for my doctorate, to most recently becoming the mama to our precious baby girl.  I love "meeting" fellow bloggers, so come on over and introduce yourself!

Just what are you looking forward to most this SUMMER?":Hmmm... Well, if I can't be in Ghana with my daughter, than I suppose I look forward to nights on our screened-in porch with friends.



Just WHO are you?:
My name is Cait Emma and I am a English grad student and college freshman teacher in California. I have moved around a bit recently after being raised in Honolulu.

Just WHAT do you blog about?
Linen and Leaves is primarily about all of the inspiration I get from my books, as well as the style, design and food I love. All in all it also shows the adventures that I go on with my friends and my family. My blog is a way for me to get my creative juices flowing even though my school and my job have taken up most of my time! Meet me, Lee, Jonathan, and wonderful people, places, and literature!
Just what are you looking forward to most this SUMMER?:

Learning to rock climb, getting more yoga time in, and playing with me and my boyfriend's new kitty!

319309_866982932489_741959002_n copy

Just WHO are you?:
I'm lori from a crazy walk on the safe side. I am a southern girl in my mid-twenties, enjoying newlywed life with my best friend, who i lovingly refer to as "the hubs". We recently moved to a new city and hope to buy a house within year... and then we'll get to the baby making. For now, we just spoil and love on our furbaby. I am a wannabee fashionista and I like to pretend that i am crafty.

Just WHAT do you blog about?:
I blog to document every day life and remember the small things. you will read about all things i love which include {but are not limited to: Cooking, Traveling, UGA football, and a good book.

Just what are you looking forward to most this SUMMER?Spending time with friends and family at the beach, pool and lake!


light a candle

Just WHO are you?:My name is Kaitlyn and I'm a script developer, gamer, Whedon worshiper, old fashioned romantic, and current kitten enthusiast.

Just WHAT do you blog about?:
At Light A Candle I blog about my life, my style journey, and my other adventures and misadventures.

Just what are you looking forward to most this SUMMER?:
I am looking forward to soaking up the sun this summer, making new friends, and enjoying the festivals and outdoor activities my city has to offer.

Visit Kaitlyn: FACEBOOK | BLOG


Just WHO are you?:
Hi everyone! I'm Julie from White Lights on Wednesday.  I live in Arizona with my two little boys and my boyfriend/husband type Mike.  Yes, it's stupid hot in the summer.  I love music! I play a bunch of different instruments, but going to concerts are my favorite.  I get a kick out of having my nose in a book.  Chuck Palaniuk is one of my favorite authors.  And I totally second Maddie's love for Wes Anderson movies.

Just WHAT do you blog about?
I love blogging about food.  I cook it, bake it, and eat it!  On White Lights I share my family's favorite recipes and all kinds of new dishes we are trying out.  And I like to bake with booze if I can sneak it in.  I'm bad.  ;)

Just what are you looking forward to most this SUMMER?:
This summer I'm enjoying the last birthday of twenties, my biggest little man Otto will be 3 in a couple weeks, and I have some new kitchen gadgets I'm itching to try out.  The best part of summer is definitely going to be all the birthday parties.  We have 5 in July.  It's a lot of running around, but it's so nice spending time with the family all together.


amanda k by the bay

Just WHO are you?My name is Amanda, and I'm a recent college graduate and makeup consultant living in Bellingham, Washington.

Just WHAT do you blog about?
I love blogging about everyday fashion, food, beauty and diy projects. Oh, and my new kitty!

Just what are you looking forward to most this SUMMER?:
So far this summer has been great, but I'm really looking forward to the Sigur Ros concert in August! 

Visit Amanda: BLOG | PINTEREST


Please make sure to head on over to these lovely ladies’ blogs and read MORE about what they are all about. They are seriously awesome, and I love and read all of them myself.

I hope you all have an AMAZING weekend and a FABULOUS week. I’ll be sure to send a lot of love from LA, while I am soaking up the sun with a margarita in hand…

Be jealous. It’s OK. I understand.


The Apple and the Tree

My mom is known as the apron lady.

Ok. That's not true.

But anyone who knows her, knows that among her many MANY talents, she can make a KILLER apron. It's kind of one of her things (but she has way better nicknames than the "apron lady," most of them I'm realizing I can't really share on the blog because my family's sense of humor is inappropriate). You can call her Mum. 

But moving on.

The other day I was chillin out, maxin, relaxin' with my friend Kris who informed me she didn't own an apron, and she rarely had the urge to cook. She also thinks it's really funny that I wear an apron when I cook for people. But hello! It's an apron. Number 1, they are super cute. Number 2, they make me feel like such a homemaker I don't know what to DO with myself but cook a good meal. There is something about a woman and her apron. So naturally, I told Kris I would make one for her.

And yes. The apron that Kris was talking about is one that my Mum made. God love 'er.

So here is the journey of Kris's womanhood. What? Seriously. Watch.

I used the Kwik Sew pattern (33772), and followed apron view A. If you are not SUPER comfortable with using your sewing machine, this is a great project to learn with. It will feel a little out of your league as you start to put the pieces together, but a great way to teach yourself!

Do you recognize the fabric below? Yes. These are the old curtains I made for the loft. Hahaha. Reduce, Re-use, Recycle, right? You can just call me Julie Andrews if you want.

No don't. I think that could be sacrilegious.

Then it was off to the races...

Seriously. I started making this at 3:30pm and Burley and I had dinner with Kris and her hubby at 7:00pm. So it was a freakin' race. And you now know my tendency to do a crappy job when I have a project I can't wait to finish, so I had to FIGHT that FIGHT that FIGHT that and do a GOOD job. 

... in 3.5 hours.

 But the hard work payed off. I was so excited with the final product. I felt like my Mum would be proud.

 And I couldn't wait to hand it off to this girl, and contribute to her journey to womanhood.

Haha. I'll probably get in trouble for that one.

Anyways. I hope you are inspired to A) Cook B) Wear an apron C) Go out on a limb and sew an apron D) Eat food, if all else fails.

Today, I think I choose D. 

Oh yea, and if you're wondering.... I am the apple. My Nipple Cape Mum's the tree.

Don't ask.


Meet Thriftary

Today is the day guys. I get to talk to you about the new design!

I have spent about 72 hours doing exactly what you see above. I have taken 3 breaks to do workout videos (I don't want my body to decay from non-movement), 4 breaks to go to the bathroom, 6 breaks to take the dog out, 1 shower break, and about 17 coffee breaks. I think I microwaved a couple veggie burgers and ate them solo, with ketchup on the side. If you pay attention, you will notice my priorities are not in order, and I hold my pee way too much.

All in all though, I am coming back to humanity with a new pep in my step, because I love what has happened. I have learned so much (I will share some awesome new tips, tricks and tutorials with you after vacay!) and finally feel like this layout is one that I can work with and grow with for a while now.

Or at least until the next time I get inspired...

There are a lot of features that have stayed the same, but just look different. And there are other features that are brand new!! Take time to poke around and see for yourselves.

So I have added a Daily Reads section to the menu bar. I LOVE when I find a blog that I really enjoy, and they have a list of blogs that THEY really enjoy, because I will mostly likely love all of them as well, and BAM 4 hours have flown by and I didn't do what I had on my list for the day, but instead, found a lot of new friends in blog world. This list will be ever changing, i'm sure, so check back every now and then!

I have also added a My Latest Tunes item to my right sidebar. I have always loved music and songwriting, but have never found a platform that I really enjoyed sharing it through (or one that didn't make me want to run for the hills and crap my pants out of fear and embarrassment). You guys have been an amazing audience so far, and I'm gaining some confidence! Bottom line, is I want to keep sharing. So you can find whatever latest creation I have shared, here.

To top off the new additions, I have added a News Flash section in the bottom of my left sidebar. You can head there at any time and keep up to date on all the latest trends. Just kidding. I will just let you know what is going on at Thriftary, just in case, God forbid, you miss a day. I know. Sometimes world catastrophes happen, and you just can't make it.

And I think that about covers it! For now... Dun dun dun...

To be honest, there is a lot to get excited about. I really wanted to simplify the layout of Thriftary so that I can focus on better content. Vlogs, photography, design, photo stories... I mean the possibilities are endless.

I have countless emails with my sister for the past couple weeks (most of which are at 1am my time, 2am her time) dreaming and laughing about the crazy crap we could put on our blogs. Some of it, I would be embarrassed for my grandmothers to see (Hi Mina! Hi Memere! Hi Gram!), so they will probably stay in their  email form, but others... Oh... they are happening.

So get pumped guys. And make sure that you use my handy dandy cute social media icons in the upper right hand corner to follow Thriftary all around social media land so that you can stay posted!!! Also, for those of you not all up in the terminology of blog world, please take note of the Join This Site link in the upper right hand side of the blog. By you joining, I can stay posted on who is reading, how many of you are reading, and how many friends I have. If you have not joined, please do! It would just make my day.

Let me know if you guys have any questions or are having any issues with the new layout! I would just LOVE to hear from you.

You. Guys. Are. The. Best.


DIY: Drink Cart

So today, I am going to avoid the big awesome elephant in the room. There are still a good amount of edits I have to make to my new digs before I can introduce you properly. I just can't wait for you to officially meet.
In the meantime, why don't you feast your eyes on my newest obsession.

Yes, I feel like I need to wear heels every time I use this.
Yes, It looks like we are ragers, but I promise we have had the majority of these bottles for a long long time.

Now, let me fill you in on this little slice of heaven, that cost me $20 to make!


The first important thing to note is that this puppy was found at the sketchiest thrift-store/flea market/80 year old man's home ever. He is a Denver staple. He lives in (I'm pretty sure) and owns a large green store front on downtown Tennyson street. I am pretty sure the store is called "Furniture." Yea.

Anyways, I was inspired to do a walk through a couple weekends ago, and am so glad that I did.
This puppy was sitting there for $20, and I asked him if I could take it for $15, and voila! After a long talk of the Italian and Russian mobs, spam (the meat, not the emails), and the crime that McDonalds has committed by providing iced tea but not the ever-American lemonade.

But I digress...

I brought this piece of junk home.


Then I put some of this awesome Rustoleum metallic spray paint to work. I also had to do some recon on the glass, as it was in pretty bad shape. But nothing a little Goo Gone, Windex, and elbow grease can't fix.

Can you believe that Goo Gone has their own website? They must be doing pretty well for themselves.

I was too scared to google "elbow grease" so I just left that one alone.

But I digress... Again...


And after all that elbow grease… Here he is. All shiny and new.


From there, it was all pretty much the fun part… stock the bar. AKA move all of the bar items from the closets and kitchen hutch and put them in their new classy digs.


This project was so much fun, because it was super quick, and added exactly the touch I need to ALMOST finish up the back, closed-in porch. OOO now your interest is peaked, eh? Some time soon, my friends. Some time soon.