Fall Vs. Summer - Thriftary Sponsors Battle it Out


I am giddy at the thought.

Today, Burley and I are Asheville  bound by 3pm MT. I CAN'T WAIT to give big hugs to Gram & Pop, drink morning coffee with my MIL, and laugh my pants off with my sisters. SO PUMPED.

I'm hoping I will get a whiff of fall in the Asheville mountains. Gosh I love that city.

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Hola Ruga! (Spanish, for Rug)

Well. Thanks for all of your super encouraging comments yesterday, in response to one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. You guys really know how to make a girl feel better about herself.

Today I am so excited to show you one of the most satisfying projects I have done to date. Yup. I said. it.

Once upon a time, Burley and I went to Ikea in search of a rug. Do you know how expensive those things area??! Freakin' expensive. Anyways, we decided, since our living room has a lot of beautiful but dark wood, we would get a white rug. Yes, we have a boxer. Yes, white was a horrible decision after about 7.5 hours of being in the house.

Eventually the white turned to off-white, and then to pretty gross, and then NASTY. And then we stopped caring. We would get sad every time we vacuumed it and realized, it was hopeless.

Until I was wasting hours and hours being a really important contribution to society, on Pinterest. I saw some projects that people like Jennifer and Hayley were doing... And I was inspired. Painting a rug?! GENIUS!!

I also had a sincere calling a really awesome, enthusiastic, and largely convincing sister wanting me to start watching Downton Abbey. Perfect combo. Painting a rug and a new tv series? Throw in a coffee and a pickle and I am a HAPPY LADY!

So I started with this piece o' crap. I am embarrassed to even show this wreck of a rug to you. But without further ado...

Then I scrounged together some supplies. That diamond looking contraption is a chalk line, which I ended up not using at all. I stuck with the classic ol' pencil trick (drawing). The Frog tape was almost 2in wide.

So, I first measured the length of the rug. Come to find, it was 99in.  I decided to have 11, 9in thick chevron stripes.

Good work, detective.

So I penciled in a marker every 9 inches.


I then measured out 4 equal sections of the width, marking notches on both sides of the rug (this means my chevron peaks will be wider and larger. If you want a smaller chevron pattern, then you will want to have a greater amount of sections of a smaller width).

Then I took a 2x4 to draw a long straight line from one of the sides of the rug to the other, outlining the 4 equal sections.

Then I got to taping! Basically, connect the dots.

The pattern starts to look like some stripes are smaller than others. In actuality, those smaller sections are just the "white" sections, so the tape goes on the INSIDE of those sections, and on the OUTSIDE of the sections you will actually be painting.

Just a side note. On the side. Note....

And once you finish taping, you get to do the fun part. PAINT! I decided to not do a PERFECT paint job, in order to get the look I was going for. I figured the rug will eventually wear down anyways, so I might as well just make it look purposeful. So I went the "vintage" route, by doing a type of dry brush technique. AKA I just brushed on the paint and didn't worry about it making it so thick that you couldn't see the white rug showing through.

Gosh. Doesn't that just look so satisfying?

Then. YOU GET TO RIP THE TAPE OFF! I love doing projects using tape, because it is so amazing getting to rip the tape off. #NerdAlert.

And then you get somethingAWESOME. This saweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet vintage mexican style chevron patterned area rug.

Macey is in love with it. Can't you tell?

Yes. She likes to chew on straw like any southern lady.

AND THAT'S IT!!!! I stinkin' loved this project because I seriously hated that rug. Every time I walked into the living room I felt a grave sadness. That is extreme, but you know what I'm saying.

And now... I walk into the living room and I think BAM. GAH THAT LOOKS GREAT! And it only took the amount of time that it took me to watch two episodes of Downton Abbey.


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Let me tell you about the time...

That I was still wearing my pink button-up men's shirt (no pants) PJs from the night before at 2pm MT on a Monday, went into the kitchen with my coffee cup in hand, grabbed a dill pickle spear out of the fridge with my other hand and was dancing to "Crazy Ex Girlfriend" by Miranda Lambert that had just came on spotify, which I had turned up loudly, because I knew I was about to make the long treck to the kitchen to eat a pickle and refill my coffee.

Simultaneously, the government decided to send a mailman (to whom I wrote a sweet but straightforward note last week in regards to the fact that he is great about dropping mail off, but not-so-much about picking my mail up) to my front porch. Who was simultaneously looking through my livingroom window. While I was simultaneously dancing (much like my mother's left-to right funky sway move, but in full circular motion, mixed with some Beyonce booty popping) in my kitchen, in my men's pink button up shirt, with no pants, with a coffee in my left hand and a pickle in my right.

At 2pm MT on a Monday.

Life 1: Maddie 0

This post brought to you by: Why working from home is awesome.


Hole Digging, Light Hanging, and a Bird Becomes a Woman

Once upon a time, we moved into a rental home, and it had this dilapidated, decaying, former patio in the back. Once upon a time, Burley and I moved all of the bricks from the top of said former patio, to a stack on the side of the house. Once upon a time I was sweaty and angry.

But, to redeem the situation, I woke up on Saturday and felt the chill of a soon-to-be fall day, and immediately sprung up to make coffee and plan out the backyard's fall makeover.

Burley was integral in this process, as I needed him to dig a hole, like all Burley men do very very well.

So he did. And he used these clay pieces to line that hole. And he made the world's greatest and cheapest fire pit. Because it was free.

Isn't she beautiful? Took that Burley man about an hour and a half to soak the ground, measure the hole, dig it, and line it with these beautiful and free clay pieces.

Meanwhile, I raked some leaves, hung some lights, strung some lights, and cleaned up the yard a bit (OK... OK... his job was harder).

And then we invited friends over, grilled out, and tested out the masterpiece.

Gosh. She is beautiful. A force to be reckoned with. A prize to be one. The fairest among f....

OK. I know it's just a fire. But I am kind of obsessed. And just think... All of the fun times... All of the chilly nights... All of the good talks... Yea. I know you want one too, now. It's OK that you made fun of me earlier.

Last, but not least... We have some very important business to take care of!

Remember this girl?

Yea me too. She walks around outside my office window every day screaming... "NAME ME!... NAME ME!!"

And you guys helped me on this long and hard road, last week.

And now... It's time.

This decision was SO freaking hard. You guys submitted almost 40 requests for NAME. THAT. BIRD. and all of them were stinking hilarious. And very fitting.

First off. I am going to name some of our favorites. Because you deserve credit where credit is due.

Linda - Mae
Blanche - Jen
Genevieve - Gentri Lee
Mertle or Petunia - Melissa
Eleanor Fuzzlebottom - Kristin
Vivanne Joan Abott Walker III - Megan 
Mother Clucker - Marie S.
Penelope - Missy (MIL)
Bacon - Debbie
Gertrude Stein - Andrew
Penelope Clearwater - Whitney

And... The winner is...


Get it? CHICKEN piccata? HAHAHAHAHA. love.

Now. I do have to tell you. Missy and Whitney were SO close with Penelope. I thought that it was PERFECT. But, I happen to have had a dog named penelope for 15 years (RIP), and this just didn't seem right, or happy. So I couldn't do it. And since then, I have really enjoyed stepping out into the coop and teaching piccata her name (birds don't come when they are called, it's more of a formality of sorts).

Thank you guys again for being hilarious and awesome. YOU ARE ALL WINNERS IN MY HEART!!! But Sue and Steve are the winners in real life (and they are my AWESOME aunt and unk, so, they really win all around).

You guys are the best. And congratulations if you're still reading this. That means that you are even MORE the best.

Happy Tuesday.




Or just wear them.

And when I say tail feathas... I mean tan feather necklace.



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In other OTHER news... Tomorrow I will be revealing a DIY backyard fall makeover along with the winner of the...

NAME... THAT. BIRD!! Contest. So if you haven't offered your opinion yet... Get on that!

In also other news also... Did you see my vlog on Friday? I watched it over the weekend again and laughed out loud at myself... so you know its gotta be funny. Mostly embarassing, but mildly funny.

You guys are simply the best! I hope you had a great weekend. I sure did. And you will see why tomorrow.


Vlog Time... Get Scared..

Thank you, Mae, for this creative idea.

Happy Friday, Thriftarians... And you're welcome. Now you'll know that I have a slight lisp, and a problem with looking at myself a million times as I speak.

.... Oh and make sure you get all the way to the end. There may or may not be a dance.

Oh my goodness. Glad that is over with. But seriously... Make sure you let me know your answer for "would you rather..." It's not as easy and sexy as I make it look. haha. or not.

On Monday, there is so much going on. A brand new AMAZING giveaway, and the announcement of the winner of "NAME. THAT. CHICKEEEEEN!!!!" - Go comment if you still want to enter! I can't believe how many amazing suggestions there have been (over 40 so far... so hurry!). 

Until then...


... On Living and Dieing and Balloons

Summer is drawing to an end. And to be honest... It has been a freakin' roller coaster. There has been so much to be thankful for, so much to plan for in the future, so much up in the air. It's definitely a season where life is shifting, relationships are changing, the true things become truer, and the false things fall away. I am thankful for that. If there is one way I want to live my life, it is genuinely. Transparency with my husband and my family. Transparency with God. Transparency with friends. Transparency with strangers. I think when I try to carry it all on my shoulders, not even in a "look how good I do life!" way, but more of  "please don't ask me how I am doing or how my heart is because I just might fall apart" kind of way, that's when things actually do fall apart.

I am finding simple pleasures in things though, which I used to struggle to do. And I think it's a gift.
Spending a day at my house, without leaving, watering plants, picking some tomatoes, chilling with the chickens, it's all OK with me.
Riding my bike up to grab dinner and a drink with a friend.
Making a really fresh meal.
Sitting and reading on my porch.
A good phone conversation.
Ice cold water.

I have a starving personality. I starve for attention. I crave adventure. I need to be busy. My schedule has to be booked.

But lately I have had space. And I am learning to find it satisfying and fulfilling. Very much so. Thank God too, because if everything in my life was as busy as everything in my heart, I seriously may have just busted open. Physically. Like a balloon. And I HATE balloons. No Joke.

So here is to the changing of the seasons.
Here is to praying without ceasing.
Here's to trusting that God's story is greater than mine.
Here is to the deep hole I have in my heart while I miss my family across the country.
Here is to the blessing that it is, to have a family to miss.
Here is to choosing life and living and adventure, even when it costs you some.
Here is to fall, chilly weather, dormancy, and time to die before life blooms again.