Name | Maddie Richardson
Slogan | Graphic Designer. Blog Author. Life Enthusiast.
Age | 26
Sex | Yes please
Location | Atlanta, GA
Marital Status | Happily hitched
Profession | 9 to 5er by day, freelance blogger and designer by night
Passions | Jesus, Designing + creating anything, date nights during the week, specialty cocktails from dark bars where the men wear suspenders, hiking the rockies when I get the chance, making my dog do anything that makes her look slightly human, chatting with strangers, 'Merica.

Name | Burley Richardson
Age | 27
Sex | Male. Very male.
Location | Atlanta, GA
Marital Status | Husband of lucky bride, Maddie
Profession | Nursing student, extremely attractive EMT in uniform, and classically (aka awesomely) trained bartender
Passions | Jesus, music, woodworking like a boss, fishing, snowboarding like a hoss, dixieland, being really sweet, a can of PBR and a shot of rye whiskey, being really manly, and of course,  'Merica.

Name | Macey Richardson
Age | About 3 years old
Sex | Part female / part alien
Location | Wherever my people are
Marital Status | Still looking for that special someone
Profession | Sniffing, Licking, and Reading into human souls
Passions | Other dogs, peanut butter, rolling over (not), tricking my parents into feeding me too many times per day,