Dear Burley

I have been trying to think up some ways that you can get to know me a bit better.

Well folks… Here you go.

I’m married to a man named Burley (kind of. I mean I am fully married and his name is kind of Burley).

I ask Burley a lot of questions. A lot…

“Does this look OK? Seriously though… Does it?”   “Do you know why birds choose to nest on our front porch vs. out back with all the trees?”   “Do you think these seedlings are dying? Why?”   “Do I want diet coke, or a cocktail? … Are you sure?'”   “Will you split these with me?”   “Can I have a bite of that?” “What’s that song that is like ‘bum baaaaaa do hey ha!’”  

But why should I have all the fun?

My lovely sister suggested that perhaps I include a “Dear Burley” section on Thriftary, so that my readers can partake in his endless fountain of knowledge. And I agree. He’s just too smart to keep to myself (knowledge-wise… paws off ladies).

How to ask Burley a question:

1. Send me an email at

2. Subject Line: Dear Burley

3. These questions will be posted completely anonymous… so please feel free to ask anything! Nothing is off limits. I will say that Burley is great with encouraging words, relationship advice, and knowledge about MANY (almost all) things in the world.

It is as simple as that!

I will be posting answers to your questions sporadically… so hang tight and I will be sure to get to them all!
In closing, I have taken the liberty to include some reasons why Burley is worthy of answering your questions.

So you will see this little button over on the left side bar of Thriftary from now on <-----

Just click on it to get back to this page and read the directions again! (just in case you forget).

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  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh I just freikin saw this!!! I love it!!! I have soooo many questions for Burley ... see ya soon
    L Dammeyer