MADDIE RICHARDSON - A Lifestyle Blog is growing and changing faster than a toddler. I would love to have you join in on the fun! Here are some down and dirty facts:

I love to write about things that inspire me personally: fashion, graphic design, love & marriage, blogging, food & fancy cocktails, people doing good in the world, health & wellness, music, art, adventures, and more! I pretty much cover everything under the sun. In life. 
I write like I talk, and that is usually is in jest. Unless we are talking about something serious... I'm not a jerk or anything. I love to review products and promote other bloggers, because without others, I would seriously just be doing all this for and by myself, and that is just not as much fun.

// MADDIE RICHARDSON - A Lifestyle Blog has 2,029 followers on GFC and Bloglovin' as of August 2013. We are growing at a rapid rate, and have increased followers in these areas by 43% since March!
// 4,484 followers on social media (including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram)
// We averaged around 33,000 page views in the month of April, and around 800 a day!
// We post at least 5 times per week (and sometimes even on the weekend, if all of my 3 friends are busy)
// And also... MADDIE RICHARDSON - A Lifestyle Blog readers are really fun and active and are always looking for new blogs to follow! I just know it...

Still on board? YES? You are one smart cookie! Here are some ways that you can advertise with us:

For all question/inquiries, please contact me at advertise [at] maddierichardson [dot] com.

If you are interested in sending any of your fabulous products (clothing, accessories, DIY tools, homegoods, lipshticks, whoseits, whatsits) to be worn/used in a post, please email me at advertise [at] maddierichardson [dot] com. You can see an example here. I only blog about items that I love, reflect me (the MADDIE RICHARDSON brand), and I think that my readers may love too... but I do welcome every offer and inquiry!

I love to give recognition to others in the blog world that I enjoy. All 38DD and Large Knockers sponsors of MADDIE RICHARDSON - A Lifestyle Blog get a very personal and in depth SHOUT OUT at the bottom of an awesome daily post during their month of sponsorship! You can see an example of this here. This could be a feature of what you sell, who you are, why you write, why you're here, anything really! You will have the chance to let me know what you would love to be featured, within the feature (you following). See the Passionfruit ad options about if you are interested, playaaaaaas!

I will sometimes do featured giveaways and/or group giveaways. This opportunity is usually reserved for sponsors, but if you have a proposition, please feel free to email me. I promise, I won't bite. Giveaways must have a minimum value of $30. If you want to see examples of some past giveaways you can check it out here, here, and here.

Please note: This is a for-profit blog and MADDIE RICHARDSON - A Lifestyle Blog will only accept sponsors that truly reflect the MADDIE RICHARDSON brand. I have the right to dismiss any requests that I do not feel will support this blog or its faithful readers.